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  • Chara sex organs x40. This plant is commonly called a stonewart. Various authorities put it in either its own division or with Chlorophyta (green algae).
  • Fucus female conceptacle x40. This egg-producing structure is in the blade of the common rockweed, a brown alga.
  • Fucus male conceptacle x40. These make sperm which are then released into the sea.
  • Oedogonium x100, a filamentous green alga. The large cells are ooginia.
  • Spirogyra x40. A vegetative filament is on the right. The other filaments show various stages of sexual reproduction.
  • Spirogyra vegetative fillament x100. You can see spiral chloroplasts and a nucleus in each cell.
  • Volvox x100. Colonies consist of a hollow ball of cells. New colonies form within old colonies.
  • Ulothrix x400. A filamentous green alga with one cup-shaped chloroplast in each cell.

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