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  • Moss plants x2. The green leafy structures are gametophytes. The brown structures are sporophyte stalks and spore capsules.
  • Moss protonema x100. Moss spores germinate into these fillamentous plants that resemble green algae.
  • Moss antheridia x40. Sperm are made in these structures at the apex of a male leafy moss gametophyte.
  • Moss archegonia x40. One egg is in each of these structures found at the apex of female leafy moss gametophytes.
  • Moss spore capsule xs x40. The sporophyte stalk is on the left. The capsule containing spores is on the right.
  • Moss capsule ls x40.
  • Moss capsule end x40.
  • Liverwort gametophyte with sporophytes x40.
  • Liverwort sporophyte with spores x100. The entire sporophyte is about the size of a small pea.
  • Liverwort gemmae x100. These are haploid asexual reproductive structures that form on gametophytes. Gemmae break off, are blown around by the wind or are washed downstream, and then grow into new leafy liverworts.
  • Aglaophyton major xs x12. The sporophyte stalk of a Devonian-age fossil bryophyte from Scotland.
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