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  • Lycopodium cone x12. This genus is HOMOSPOROUS, which means its cones produce only one kind of spore.
  • Lycopodium cone x30. Note the leaves (sporophylls), each with a sporangium attached to its upper surface.
  • Lycopodium rhizome xs x20. Plates of xylem surround by phloem are in the center. Note the scale-like leaf with the characteristic single vein on the lower left.
  • Selaginella cone ls x30. Sporangia are on the upper surface of the fertile leaves. Some sporangia bear 4 megaspores and some bear many microspores. Thus, this genus is HETEROSPOROUS because it produces two kinds of spores.
  • Selaginella cone, whole x12. You can see megasporangia and dark microsporangia.
  • Selaginella rhizome xs x20. The small structures are roots.

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