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  • Anabaena x1000. A blue green bacterium. The elongate somewhat clear cells are nitrogen fixing cells called HETEROCYSTS. Asexual reproduction occurs when chains of cells break at the heterocysts forming separate cell chains.
  • Bacillus sutilis x1000. Gram positive rod shaped bacteria.
  • Escherichia coli x1000. Gram negative rod shaped bacteria that commonly live in the human large intestine.
  • Clostridium botulinum x1000. These bacteria cause botulism poisoning.
  • Gleocapsa x1000. A blue green bacterium. Individual cells secrete a gelatinous material.
  • Nostoc x1000. A blue green bacterium that consists of strings of spherical cells within a gelatinous material.
  • Oscillatoria x1000. This blue green bacterium exists as a filament of cells.
  • A large spiral bacterium x1000.

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