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  • Chlamydomonas x1000. A small protist with two flagella and chloroplasts like those of green algae and land plants.
  • Desmids x100, including star and crescent shaped species. These have chloroplasts like green algae and land plants.
  • Closterium x400. A desmid. See previous illustration.
  • Diatom test slide x100. A variety of diatom shells are shown side by side. Microscope resolution used to be tested with such microscope slides as this. The ability to resolve the fine detail on certain types of diatoms distinguishes good microscope objectives from those of lesser quality.
  • Mixed diatoms shells of various sizes and shapes. x400.
  • Euglena x400. This green alga-like protist has a single flagellum seen at the center bottom of the illustration.
  • Micrasterias x400. A green algae like protist.
  • Paramecium x400. A ciliate protist.
  • Stentor x400. A long narrow protist with wheels of cilia at one end. These cilia create water currents that draw food into newly forming food vacules.
  • A free living amoeba x1000.

    Phylum Oomycota (water molds)

  • Saprolegnia x400. A coenocytic hypha about to form a sporangium.
  • Oogonium of Saprolegnia x400.
  • Albugo spores on lower surface of a leaf.

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