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Charles Good, Associate Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (Botany) Ohio University
M.S. (Biology) University of Illinois
B.S. (Biology) University of Illinois

Contact Information:

Office: Science Building
Phone: 419-995-8451
Email: good.6@osu.edu
Mailing address:
4240 Campus Dr.
Lima, OH 45804

Dr. Good joined the faculty at OSU-Lima in 1974.  He has taught Introductory Biology and Introductory Plant Chemical and Molecular Biology courses.  Although retired, he continues to be active on campus. 


Dr. Good's research specialty is Paleozoic fossil plants, particularly petrified plants in rocks known as "coal balls" obtained from coal seams.  He published the first paper that described coal ball fossils from Ohio.  While at the Lima Campus he was the sole principle investigator of record for an N.S.F. research grant in which all the research was conducted at the Lima Campus.  Occasionally to the dismay of the maintenance staff here, he has shipped to and stored at the Lima Campus many tons of fossiliferous rock.  He has published a number of single and dual authored research papers on fossil plants in well respected peer reviewed journals.


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