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Eric Juterbock, Associate Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (Zoology) The Ohio State University
M.S. (Zoology) The Ohio State University
(Evolution, Ecology, and Systematics) Cornell University

Contact Information:

Email: juterbock.1@osu.edu
Mailing address:

4240 Campus Dr.
Lima, OH 45804


Professor Juterbock has retired from The Ohio State University at Lima, where he taught since 1979.  Over the years he taught all of our introductory level biology courses, including the Honors Biology sequence, and courses in anatomy, anatomy and physiology, animal diversity, animal form and function, ecology, environmental science, ethology, and vertebrate biology.  He won The Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2002 and was a two-time winner of the OSU-Lima Distinguished Teaching Award.


Dr. Juterbock is a behavioral ecologist and conservation biologist, working with vertebrate animals.  His two spheres of research interest are the occurrence and evolutionary significance of variation in life history characteristics, primarily among salamanders, and the community ecology of frogs and snakes in the Everglades.  Currently, he is working on several aspects of life history of stream salamanders in southeastern Ohio, and frog population and community biology locally.  He directed students’ independent research projects, several of which were presented at national conferences.  He has authored/co-authored chapters in Status and Conservation of Midwestern Amphibians, Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species, and  Status and Conservation of North American Amphibians.  He also conducts pro bono biological survey work (e.g., Ohio Frog Call Survey transect in Marion County, ongoing).