Earth Sciences 122
Typical Syllabus
Winter Quarter
Weeks 6-11

Dr. Kleffner                          

MWF 200 minutes
115 Science Building


Office Hours

310D Science Building
MWF: 12-12:30, 2-2:30 PM
or by appointment
(419) 995-8208


The Changing Earth-Exploring Geology and Evolution, 3rd Edition. Monroe and Wicander, Brooks/Cole

Lab Book:

None required; all exercises and materials will be provided.


Lecture Topics


One   (6)

Sedimentary Rocks and Environments

Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Structures 

Two   (7)

Sedimentary Environments, Correlation and Dating of Rock Record I: Relative and Absolute Dating. Correlation and Dating of Rock Record II: Stratigraphy, MIDTERM 1 Diversity of Life & Fossils 

Relative dating
Absolute dating

Three (8)

Evolution, Origin of Earth and Solar System, Precambrian Earth and Life History, MIDTERM 2, Early Paleozoic Earth & Life History 

Modes of Fossilization

Four   (9)

Early Paleozoic Earth & Life History cont.,
Late Paleozoic Earth & Life History
MIDTERM 3, Mesozoic Earth & Life History 

Cambrian & Paleozoic Life

Five (10)

Mesozoic Earth & Life History cont.

Mesozoic Life

Six   (11)

FINAL EXAM (over material covered since 3rd midterm) 

Laboratory: The lab in this course will consist of exercises handed out in class.  The labs correspond with many of the topics covered in lecture. Most lab exercises are designed to be completed during one class period. In some cases, it may be necessary to complete the lab at home or to spend some additional time in the lab room to complete a given lab.   

Grading: The final grade you receive in the course will be based upon the following:

Best two out of three tests given
Laboratory Exercises
Final Examination
Abstract (optional extra credit)

60% of final grade

(each = 30% of grade)

10% of final grade

30% of final grade

2% of final grade (max)

Tests/Final Format:  approximately 30-40 questions: true-false, multiple-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer.  In addition to questions from the lab exercises, there may also be specimens from lab on some or all tests.  The final exam will NOT be comprehensive; it will be based on material covered after the third test.

Grading Scale: When all of the points are totaled, the following scale will be used to assign a final letter grade:

93 - 100  A

91 - 93   A-

89 - 91  B+

 80 - 89   B

78 - 80   B-


76 - 78  C+

 65 - 76   C

63 - 65   C-

61 - 63  D+

50 - 61    D

<50      E