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Published by Barrow Street Press

"Read and turn the pages and be beholden to a poet who seems born to mesmerize, having learned from The Great Mesmerizer—the moon itself—that we are all one person, no matter who we are or when we lived."
— Mary Ruefle

"In Doug Ramspeck’s Mechanical Fireflies, the natural world intrudes on our daily lives in complex, often unnerving ways. Here, someone pulls the moon down to the shores of earth with a system of pulleys and ropes, only to wonder if he has done the right thing. . . Inhabited by the ghost of Walt Whitman and imbued with the pleasures of nuanced observation, this is a richly imaginative, energetic poetry collection, one I will return to with pleasure."
— Kevin Prufer

"These poems make me believe that while the story may not ever be entirely true, it is always, in Ramspeck’s hands, chillingly and achingly real."
— Kathy Fagan

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