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Published by March Street Press
"The poems in Where We Come From are darkly lyrical, with consistently striking and incantatory imagery. These lyrics would be unbearably frightening, with their repetitively insistent view of the natural world as threatening and vindictive, were it not for the poet’s own steady control, an artful order imposed on the madness."
— Joe Benevento, Poetry Editor, Green Hills Literary Lantern

"Where We Come From splays open the muck of memory and lays it on the page. Among the entrails we find a simple and sometimes harsh way of life, longing and regret and an ever-present river that feeds, nurtures and coils through the lives of the people it touches. Ramspeck’s words paint a picture of these people, this time and place with a tincture of bayou magic that leaves the reader wanting more."
—M. Scott Douglass, Publisher/Editor, Main Street Rag

"Doug Ramspeck’s new, often startling collection, Where We Come From, discovers a mythic old country, 'lovely' and 'dark,' an aboriginal home place. Here flesh and spirit meld—must coexist—often in dreams grounded in rich, natural imagery."
—Philip Miller, Editor, The Same

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