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 Honors Colloquium

The Honors Program sponsors an annual seminar presented by a speaker of national, regional or local renown. Topics and speakers are selected by the Buckeye Scholars and the Ohio State Lima faculty. Thus, Honors students have a direct influence on the quality of academic life at Ohio State Lima.

Some of the people that have presented at the Honors Colloquium are:

Dr. Thomas Postlewait, Professor in the Department of Theatre and 2006 University Distinguished Scholar, The Ohio State University ,
"Bernard Shaw’s Theatre: The Paradoxical Pleasures of Sexual and Political Triangles"
May 18, 2006

Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Professor of Geography and Senior Research Scientist in the Byrd Polar Research Center at The Ohio State University.
"Unique Insights to the Earth's Climate History Preserved in its Cryosphere."
February 24, 2006

Dr. Jeffrey K. McKee, Dept. of Anthropology and Biology, Ohio State University
Sparing Nature: The conflict between human population growth and Earth’s biodiversity

Dr. William Garrett Piston, Dept. of History, SW Missouri State University
The Civil War’s Most Controversial Soldier: Confederate General James Longstreet

Dr. C. Ronald Huff, School of Public Policy, Ohio State University
The Criminal Behavior of Gangs

Dr. Allison Gilmore, Dept. of History, Ohio State University at Lima
The Allied Propaganda War against Japan in the Southwest Pacific