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Honors Biology  115H & 116H
( Honors Biology I and II )
Honors Classics  222H 
( Classical Mythology )
Honors Earth Science  110H 
( Life on Earth )
Honors English  110.02H   
( First-Year English Composition)
Honors English  262H 
( Introduction to Drama )
Honors English  598H        
( Seminar in Literature )
Honors Geography  120H 
( Earth Systems II: Atmospheric Environment )
Honors Geography  200H  
( World Regional Geography )
Honors Geography  240H   
( Economic and Social Geography )
Honors History  151H   
( American Civilization to 1877 )
Honors History  152H
( American Civilization since 1877 )
Honors Music  251H     
( History of Western Art Music )
Honors Philosophy  101H  
( In3troduction to Philosophy )
Honors Political Science  101H
( Introduction to American Politics )
Honors Psychology  100H
( General Psychology )
Honors Psychology 340H
( Intro to Life Span Developmental Psych )
Honors Sociology  101H 
( Introduction to Sociology )
Honors Theatre  100H
( Introduction to Theatre )
Honors  296H / 596H

( University Honors Proseminar / Seminar )

Honors Courses for 2013/2014

Autumn Semester:
Honors Biology 1113 H
Honors Earth Science 1110 H
Honors English 1110.02 H
Honors Psychology 1100 H

Spring Semester:
Honors Biology 1114 H
Honors Music 2251 H
Honors Political Science 1165 H
Honors Psychology 3340 H

Ask your academic advisor about available Honors courses.

The Honors Courses represent the core of the Honors Program, but we also offer other opportunities for academic enrichment:

Honors Embedded Course Option

In an Honors Embedded Course Option, Honors students take a regular course with non-honors students, but have extended interaction with the professor beyond the regular class meetings. The goals of an embedded course are twofold: (1) increase interaction with teaching faculty and (2) go into more depth – that is, not just more material, but more depth to the regularly covered material. Ohio State courses must be approved for this option, and only tenure-track faculty can offer the Honors-embedded option.

Honors Equivalent Courses

Honors Equivalent Courses are those courses that when taken during either the freshman or sophomore year, will count as an honors course when considering the six-course requirement*. There are no expectations of the professor to provide a different experience for Honors and non-honors students within these courses. While any 4000+-level course that is not in your major can count as an honors course, prerequisites may be an issue.

* Ohio State Lima does not have a six-course requirement in Honors.

Individual Studies Courses

Individual Studies Courses are courses designed by the individual student and mentoring faculty, whereby the student contracts with the faculty to do high-quality independent work, such as a research project or an art or performance project. The student receives course credit for this work. Students interested in the Individual Studies opportunity should contact the member of the faculty for more information at least one semester in advance of when they plan to take the course.