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 Honors Community

To complement Honors courses and enrich the experience of Honors students--and sometimes just to have fun--the Honors Program sponsors a variety of cultural and social activities.  It is very important for you to get involved as an Honors student as this enables you to connect with your peers, faculty, and staff around campus and introduces you to new cultures and new experiences.

"Buckeye Scholars" Honors Society

The student Honors club, Buckeye Scholars, offers students the opportunity to have an influence on the academic and social life at Ohio State Lima.  Anyone admitted to the Honors Program (with either "H" or "I" status) is automatically a member of Buckeye Scholars.  Through Buckeye Scholars, students can help select topics for seminars and colloquia,  choose destinations for Honors trips, and organize social events (dinners with faculty, movie nights, etc.).  The number and type of social events each year depends largely on the initiative and interests of students, so get involved and shape your own college experience!  Become an officer of the club--President, Secretary/Treasurer, or Vice President--and you'll be in the middle of the fun.  Interested students should contact the Director of the Honors Program, David Adams, Galvin 470D.

Honors Trips

The Honors Program offers students two kinds of trips:  field trips for Honors courses; and Buckeye Scholars to expand the academic, cultural, and social experiences of all Honors students.

In the past, Honors students have travelled both near (to Bluffton for Indian food) and far (to Canada for a week of theatre, to Florida to study the Everglades, to Chicago for a week of museums and music, and to Gettysburg National Battlefield for a taste of American history).  Destinations in Ohio have included Columbus (for multiple theatre performances and speakers), Ripley on the Ohio River (an key site on the underground railroad), the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, The Wilds safari park, fossil-hunting sites, and the Toledo Museum of Art.

We will revisit some of these destinations in the future, but the choices each year depend in part on students' interests and desires.  Want to have a say in where you go?  Contact the Honors Director and get involved!

(Trips inside Ohio are usually paid for by the Honors Program.  For trips outside of Ohio students often need to cover some of their own expenses, but these trips too are heavily subsidized and available to students at far below the actual cost.)

Honors Colloquia and Seminars

The Honors Program regularly organizes colloquia and seminars.  The colloquia feature speakers of national, regional or local renown selected by the Buckeye Scholars and faculty.  (Click here for examples of past speakers.)  The seminars are pizza parties at which students and faculty discuss some common reading--a short story, article, novel, or nonfiction book--distributed in advance.  (The spring 2014 seminar focused on Guitar Zero: The Science of Becoming Musical at Any Age by Gary Marcus.)

Often a colloquium or seminar will be closely tied to an Honors trip or Honors course.  Honors students are always encouraged to suggest topics for the colloquia and seminars. Sponsored by the Honors Program, these events are open to anyone on campus or in the Lima community.


Students often develop a strong sense of community from both taking courses and also participating in these additional activities with the same core group of students and faculty.  Many student report that this community, the relationships developed with other students and faculty, is the most rewarding aspect of the Honors program.