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Music Department:

Applied Music for Non-Majors (Group Instruction)  U  2
Music 1101.01:  Piano I 
This class is designed to introduce and develop basic music reading and performance skills at the piano.

Music 1102.01:  Piano II
This class is designed as a continuation for students who have successfully completed Music 1101.01. This class may also benefit people who have some background in piano and music reading and would like to continue to develop their musicianship skills on the piano.

Music 1101.02:  Voice Class 
Students learn the basic principles of vocal production.

Music 1101.37:  Beginning Guitar I
Enrollment requires permission by instructor.  This class is designed for students who want to learn simple guitar skills. Students will learn beginning chords and finger-picking patterns to accompany songs. This course is for beginning students only. Students must have an acoustic guitar to enroll.

Music 1102.35:  Intermediate Guitar II
Enrollment requires permission by instructor.  This class is designed as a continuation for students who have completed Guitar I or for those who have demonstrated readiness to progress to an intermediate playing level. Intermediate level finger-picking and strumming patterns will be introduced, along with bar chords and other colorful harmonies. Students must have an acoustic guitar to enroll.

Applied Music for Non-Majors (Private Instruction; by Permission of Instructor) U 1-2
Music 2200.11:  Applied Music (Secondary) Piano 
This course is designed for students who have completed 1101.01 & 1102.01 or have studied piano previously. The time of the lesson and the material covered will be tailored to fit the needs and goals of each student.

Music 2200.21:  Applied Music (Secondary) Voice
Private voice instruction that meets once a week for 30 minutes.

Music Ensembles  U 1
Music 2208.01:  Piano Small Ensembles
This class is designed for those people who have completed Music 101.01 and Music 102.01. Students will learn how to accompany singers and read lead sheets while studying popular music.

Music 2203.03:  University Choirs:  University Chorus
The University Chorus is a non-auditioned vocal ensemble open to anyone in the Ohio State Lima campus community, as well as anyone from Lima community. As the longest running music ensemble on campus, the University Chorus enjoys a strong tradition at Ohio State Lima as an inclusive choral ensemble, providing a fun atmosphere for members to perform a wide variety of music at a high level.

Music 2203.01:  University Choirs:  Chorale
The University Chorale is an auditioned ensemble which primarily performs a cappella choral music from a wide variety of historical eras both on and off campus.

Music 2208.02: Small Ensemble: Carmony
This auditioned ensemble performs music from the pop, rock, country and jazz genres. Carmony performs both on and off campus for area events, including dinner banquets, campus festivals, and at area high schools.

Music 2204.04:  University Band (Pep Band)
The University Band performs a selection of pep band music for athletic and on-campus events and concert repertoire for on-campus concerts.

Music 2208.20: Small Ensemble: African Drumming
Learn about and perform the rhythms of West Africa and their polyrhythmic structure. Play the djembe, one of the most popular drums in the world. Whether you want to develop your ability in traditional music or are interested in drumming for pleasure, health, community, and stress-relief, this course will enliven the way you play. Open to all students. (1 Credit). Bring your own djembe or instruments will be provided.

Elective:  Music Theory for Non-Majors
Music 1121:  Elementary Music Theory  U 3
An introduction to the fundamentals of music, music reading, and aural musicianship.
Prerequisite: Not open to students with credit for 121. VSP Admis Cond course.

Music 2221: Music Theory I   U 2
Elements of music and musical notation; analytical concepts and terminology; fundamentals of counterpoint and melody; extensive practice through written drill and creative projects.
Prerequisite: Passing of theory placement test. Not open to students with credit for 221. This course is available for EM credit.

Musicology: Music History (GECs) 
Music 2250:  Music Cultures of the World  U 3
This is a survey of musical cultures outside the Western European tradition of the fine arts.

Music 2251:  History of Western Art Music   U 3
The class is designed to provide meaningful listening and discussion experiences with respect to Western Art Music composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, etc. Pertinent styles, forms, and composers from throughout music history will be explored.

*Music 3345.01:  Special Topics (Film Music U 3, American Music U 3, American Musical Theatre U 3, and Country Music U 3)

Music 3370: Music for Elementary Teachers U 2
Enrollment requires permission by instructor. Music literature and teaching aids for children, including singing, rhythmic, creative, and listening experiences, and their presentation.  This is a requirement for early childhood education majors.

*Special Topics courses are only available on the regional campuses and only apply toward the music minor on the regional campuses.