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Department of Philosophy:
Philosophy 1100: Introduction to Philosophy

This course is an introduction to some of the biggest questions about human existence and the human experience. Topics may include: Is my belief that I can have knowledge about a world outside of my own mind mistaken? Is there something special about being a human that makes our existence more meaningful than that of any other creature? What is the self and what makes me the person that I am? If there were no God, what would that do to morality –would murder then be acceptable, for instance? We will study both historical and contemporary perspectives when examining the selected topics. Fulfills GE Arts and Humanities, Cultures and Ideas (2.C.3.).

Philosophy 1300: Introduction to Ethics

This course is an extended examination of the nature and foundations of morality. One of the fundamental questions addressed is: What makes something morally right or morally wrong? Among the approaches examined are: moral relativism, utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, and virtue ethics. Fulfills GE Arts and Humanities, Cultures and Ideas (2.C.3.).

Philosophy 1500: Introduction to Logic

The aim of this course is to develop strong critical reasoning skills. We study the art of argumentation, which is, roughly speaking, the general practice of offering reasons to believe a particular claim. We examine the basic principles of good argumentation; learn how to identify and evaluate the reasoning represented by an argument; and learn skills needed to produce good, clear arguments of our own. Fulfills GE Arts and Humanities, Math & Logical Analysis (1.B.2.).

Philosophy 1332: Ethics in the Professions: Introduction to Engineering Ethics

For Engineering majors. This course is an examination of contemporary issues in engineering ethics in the context of major ethical theories. Fulfills the Ethics requirement and is a GE Arts and Humanities class (Cultures and Ideas category).