Using WebAssign

WebAssign is a web-based homework system. It will allow you to submit your homework solutions multiple times, receive instant feedback, and keep track of your results. As every student will receive a randomized set of numbers, you are also allowed to discuss the problems with your fellow students as all of you will have to work out a different final answer, but you can – and are encouraged to! – discuss the steps you took to solve the problems with others. I would recommend that you try to work out the problems as far as possible in general, i.e. without putting numbers in right away. Then, it will be easier for you to track down errors. You should also keep a copy of your homework solutions so that you can review them before exams.

Location: In order to log on to WebAssign, go to You may also click the link on the class home page or the physics home page.

Username, Password:  Your username is your Ohio State name.number ID (e.g. einstein.7). Your password is your OSU internet password, the same password that you use e.g. to register for courses at Ohio State.

Assignments: The homework assignments are listed on the assignment sheet on the web. The problems assigned in WebAssign are end-of-chapter problems from our  textbook. Homework will be due on Thursdays (11:30 pm). Note that you will receive randomized numbers; the randomized values appear in red in the problem. You will have 50 submissions in order to complete the homework. Note that only the last submission is counted. When answering numerical problems, note that numerical answers within 1% of the actual answer are counted as correct. In general, enter three significant figures for numerical answers. For formatting questions (exponentials, fractions etc), please read the Student Guide to WebAssign, also available at

Registration: You need to buy a WebAssign code card at the bookstore or on-line (it's a bit cheaper if you buy it on-line directly from WebAssign). With the access code on this card, you will be able to complete the registration assignment. You do have a grace period of two weeks after the start of the class for registration. During the grace period, you can use the homework service without registration.

Grades: WebAssign will automatically grade your responses to part or all of your assignment once you click on ``SUBMIT WORK FOR GRADING''. You will receive points for correctly solved problems.  For each correct answer, you will receive one point, independent of the degree of difficulty. If you did not get a problem or part of a problem correctly, you may resubmit your answers up to 50 times. The score received on the last submission before the due date/time is the one which will be recorded even if it is not the highest score. The short answer/essay questions are initially given full credit by WebAssign. However, I will review all your short answer/essay questions myself and adjust your scores if a "good faith" effort was not made (as determined by me).

Class communication with WebAssign: We have a class message board in WebAssign. On the message board, you may post questions, answers to questions, and comments on physics and the class. Instead of sending me an e-mail with a question of general interest, post it to the message board. In this way, all students benefit, and one of your fellow students might be able to answer your question, too.


Some technical points: WebAssign does not work with some of the older AOL browsers. You need to enable Java or Javascript in order for WebAssign to work properly. Do not bookmark a page inside of WebAssign, but always log in through - otherwise WebAssign will not keep track of your work.

Extensions: If you wish to use one of your three extensions, do not look at the solutions before you request an extension. Please email me with your request before the due date/time.