Physics Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains questions I hear frequently and answers. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail, or drop in at my office in Science 312.

Question: Which physics classes are offered in Lima?

Answer: We offer Physics 106, 111, 112, 113, 131, 132, and 133. We also offer Astronomy 161 and 162.  Take a look at our class schedule.

Question: I never had physics in high school. Can I take a physics class at OSU?

Answer: Yes, you can take a physics class at OSU. We do not assume any previous knowledge of physics in Physics 106 , 111, and 131. Having taken physics in high school helps, but it's not necessary. I've had very good and successful students who took physics for the first time in college.

Question: Do I need to take Physics 106 or 111 before I can take Physics 131?

Answer: No, you can start right away with Physics 131, provided that you have the math prerequisite, Math 151. It's ok if you've never had physics before. If you feel that you absolutely need more preparation for 131 (offered in the Winter Quarter), you could take 111 in the Autumn Quarter, but it's not necessary at all.

Question: I'd like to take Physics 111, but I won't complete Math 148 in time. Do I really need this class as a prerequisite?

Answer: Yes, you do need to take and successfully complete Math 148 before enrolling in Physics 111. This also applies to any other Math prerequisite. We use a lot of algebra and trigonometry in Physics 111, 112, and 113. If you don't know enough math, you are setting yourself up for a failure. This is why we require you to take Math 148 before starting the Physics 11x series, and Math 151 before starting the Physics 13x series.

Question: What is physics good for in real life?

Answer: Take a look at some physics success stories.

Question: Where can I get information about careers in physics?

Answer: Take a look at our physics career page.