Observatory Information

The OSU-Lima Student Observatory is an astronomical observatory built to support:

  1. Astronomy courses taught at OSU-Lima. (Astronomy 161 and 162)

  2. OSU-Lima Dark Sky Watchers (astronomy club)

  3. OSU-Lima student research projects.

  4. 6-12th grade student projects

  5. Community outreach activities such as star parties.

The observatory was built via a generous gift from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (telescope, computer and CCD) and by OSU-Lima funds.  The observatory dome construction and telescope installation was completed in August 2006. The dome is a Technical Innovation Inc.'s ProDome-15 which is a 15' diameter fiberglass dome and has a 11' 6" center height. The dome, telescope and instruments are fully computer controlled, either locally (from inside the dome) or remotely (via the internet).  Some of these features are still being developed.