Sabine Jeschonnek

Course: PHYSICS 111

Campus: LMA College: MPS

Autumn 2009

___________________________ _ _S_E_I_ _C__o_m__m__e_n_t_ _R__e_p_o_r_t_ _ __________C__la_s_s_ N_u_m_b_er: __2_4_1_5_0_


She knows a great deal about physics and enjoys teaching. Overall she is a good teacher but i just

dont get physics all that well and she helped it out a little. Hopefully next quarter goes a little

better for me! She is very encouraging. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Dr. Jeschonnek really tried to everything possible to make sure we understood physics and to make sure she was available for our questions. Even though the subject matter moves fast, I think that's just the nature of the course. Dr. Jeschonnek really goes above and beyond in teaching this course.


I was extremely nervous about this course, having never taken a physics class (not even in high

school.) However, Dr. Jeschonnek made me want to learn physics. Her lectures were interesting, and by keeping us involved by asking periodic questions, we were able to better understand concepts instantly. She was always eager to teach and help, and I feel as though she helped me immensely in understanding this course. She took a hard concept like physics and made it understandable to someone like me who has no experience with the subject. Reciations were also extremely helpful; she encouraged us to think for ourselves yet also made sure we were doing the problems correctly. The mandatory homework was also beneficial. _____________________________________________________________________________________

I really like having the power point handouts to follow along to in class they allow me to add any

supplemental notes without getting bogged down by taking notes instead of paying attention to you. The video lectures were also very helpful, especially for review. _____________________________________________________________________________________

This course was challenging, however, the instructor was interested in helping students understand the information presented. The instructor is very knowledgeable of the subject and i recommend this instructor. _____________________________________________________________________________________

very difficult subject, but she was always there if you needed help. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Physics was a little hard for me. Most of the times it just doesn't stay in my mind. However Dr.

Jeschonnek is a great instructor. and always willing to help. One thing I wish this course would do away with is web assign. I much rather sit down and write problems out of a book.


Dr. Jeschonnek knows this material very well. It was great to learn physics from someone with a

german accent. Her previous research and expierence makes her an excellent teacher. She has "Let's Vote!" slides in her lectures, which encourage students to think about the concepts at hand for themselves. The "Let's Vote!" questions also encourage students to discuss/debate the concepts with each other in class. Dr. Jeshonnek seems excited about physics, and I think her enthusiasm makes this difficult subject a little easier to deal with. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Very interested in helping her students. Good teacher. Very kind. _____________________________________________________________________________________

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