Physics Resources on the Internet

Here are a few interesting webpages. If you know of others, please let me know, so that I can link them.

If you are interested in the "stuff we are made of", you probably will enjoy The Particle Adventure and the ABCs of Nuclear Science. Other good sites deal with Plasma Physics and Fusion, and with the History and Fate of the Universe.                                       

Here are links to collections of physics applets - computer simulation for particular physics topics:
Applets by Walter Fendt

Applets by the University of Oregon

Applet Collection by the Learning Online Network

Physics 2000 Project

Even more applets


Physics Nobel Laureates - complete list

Lima Nobel Quiz Question: Who is the Physics Nobel Prize Winner who grew up in Lima? Here's the answer.

How Things Work  - explanations of many everyday objects: radios, flashlights etc

The Society of Physics Students has a nice webpage.

Here is a link to a really neat projectile motion applet. Fire the cannon and look at the trajectory! What happens if you choose different masses?

Here's a site with information about fusion and energy, a link contributed by Ms. Jane Davis.

Physics Central - popular articles on physics, from the American Physical Society (APS)

If you are interested in the latest data on the properties of elementary particles, take a look at the pages of the Particle Data Group.

And, last but not least, the Physics Department's web pages.

Disclaimer: The links above are given for information purposes only. Listing these links does not imply that I or OSU support any opinions expressed therein.