Reviews and Articles written by Physics Students

This page contains links to student contributions. In the long term, there will be articles on science topics, reviews of books and articles in magazines, information on interesting web pages etc. Enjoy!

The latest book review was written by Dustin Buchenroth (Honors Physics 131, 2003): he reviews Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman

Our first contribution comes from Ryan Brauen (Physics 131): What is friction?

Ryan's second contribution: How do humans walk? Ryan also wrote about torque.

Jacinta Borgelt (Physics 112) found "a website that has a lot of interesting information on Dark Matter. There is evidence supporting the existence of Dark Matter, and there are some really cool visual experiments that you can interact with, too."

Andy Edinger (Physics 112) found a web page on the physics of amusement parks - roller coasters, bumper cars, and weightlessness. If you follow this link, you can even build your own roller coaster. He also wrote about the physics of flight, and about lift.

Here is our first book review! Laura Meyer (Physics 112) really liked the Cartoon Guide to Physics.

Here is a brief "Physics Humor" contribution from Andy: Newton & Chicken, and some more physics phun.

Please contact me if you would like to submit a contribution.

Disclaimer: The links above are given for information purposes only. Listing these links does not imply that I or OSU support any opinions expressed therein.