Why should you take a physics class?

There are many good reasons, and I've listed some of them below:

Why should you take Physics at Ohio State Lima?

Many students are a bit concerned about physics. I assure you: physics is not scary! As you will learn many useful things in physics, it's a good idea not to put off physics until your senior year, but to take physics classes as soon as you have the necessary math prerequisites. Also, Physics 131 and 132 are prerequisites for various engineering classes, like Statics and Electric Circuits, that you need in order to apply to many engineering programs. Don't lose time!

On the Lima campus, we offer a wide variety of physics classes in a small group setting. In general, physics classes in Lima have about 20 students or less. Sometimes, there are just 5 - 10 students in the calculus-based courses. So, you will get plenty of personal attention and help with any questions you might have. Physics classes in Columbus usually have lecture sections of 100-200 students or more.

If you are interested in getting a taste of physics research, you can do that right here, too. We offer honors options and individual studies projects. We have two state of the art PCs for student research projects. You'll also learn useful skills, like writing computer codes.

We use the latest in physics pedagogy and technology to help you learn. You will do homework on a web-based system, with immediate feedback and the chance to submit your work several times. The Physics Learning Center offers computer access and web access, and a student peer tutor for several hours per week. Even if there is no student peer tutor, you can still use the physics room for group study sessions.