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The University of Texas; Ph.D. in government conferred May 1978; fields in urban studies, American government, and comparative politics


The Ohio State University; M.A. in political science conferred June 1971; thesis entitled "Communist Parties in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis"


The Ohio State University; B.S. in education, December 1969


January 1978-present

Associate Professor, The Ohio State University at Lima, Department of Political Science

Spring Quarters, 1993-1996

Adjunct Associate Professor, Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio

March 1988-May 1993

Member, Allen County Board of Elections

June 1986-March 1991

Chair, the Allen County Democratic Party

Summer 1978

Visiting Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Government

August 1973-December 1977

Assistant Instructor/Teaching Assistant; The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Government

June 1971-June 1973

 U.S. Army, first lieutenant; honorably discharged


Political Parties and Elections; Technology and American Society; Literature and Politics; Political History; Urban Political Economy.


NEH Summer Fellowship, Case Western Reserve University, "Technology in American History," 1990.

NEH Summer Institute, Tufts University, "Technology in American Society," 1989

NEH Summer Fellowship, Brandeis University, "Comparative Political History," 1985.

Distinguished Teaching Award, The Ohio State University at Lima, 1981.

Special Research Assignment, Winter Quarter 1999, The Ohio State University at Lima


Not All Politics is Local: Reflections of a Former County Chairman. Kent, Ohio: The Kent State University Press, 2002.

"Private Property and Slide Rule Experts: Ideology and Houston's Battle Over Zoning," Inner Space/Outer Space: Humanities, Technology, and the Post Modern World, Daniel Schenker, editor; Huntsville, Alabama: Southern Humanities Press, 1993, pp. 19-28.

"Controlling the Workers: The Galveston Dock Workers' Strike of 1920 and Its Impact on Labor Relations in Texas," The East Texas Historical Journal, Volume XXIII (2) 1985, pp. 14-27.

"Vantage on the Bay: Galveston and the Railroads," East Texas Historical Journal, Volume XXII (1) 1984, pp. 3-18.

"The Politics of Space: NASA's Decision to Locate the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston," The Houston Review, Volume VI (2) 1984, pp. 63-81.

With David Perry, "The Politics of Efficiency: An Analysis of Political Change in Urban America," Studies in Planning and Political Economy, State University of New York at Buffalo (1983).

"Zenith Revisited: Urban Entrepreneurs and the Sunbelt Frontier," Social Science Quarterly (December 1980), pp. 434-445.

"To Make a City: Entrepreneurship on the Sunbelt Frontier" in David Perry and Alfred Watkins, The Rise of the Sunbelt Cities (Beverly Hills, CA: Sage, 1978), pp. 109-128.

"Beggars in Velvet Gown: Toward a Theory of Entrepreneurship and Urban Development," The University of Texas Political Studies. Series 1, Studies in Urban Political Economy (Austin: University of Texas, 1977).


"Power and Light: A Luddite Interpretation," presented at Two-Year College English Association/Midwest Conference, Lincolnshire, Illinois, 17 October 1997.

"Were the Luddites Right?," presented at the Ohio Association of Two Year Colleges, Steubenville, Ohio, 25 October 1996.

"Not All Politics is Local: Reflections of a Former County Chairman," presented at the Southern Humanities Conference, Richmond, Kentucky, 16 February, 1996.

"Ideology and Crisis in the Sociotechnical Regime: Houston's Rejection of Zoning," presented at the Southern Humanities Conference, Huntsville, AL, 14 February, 1993.

"The Real World of Politics: Rebellion and Change in the Allen County Democratic Party, 1984-1987," presented at the 1987 meeting of the American Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois.

"Public Entrepreneurship and the South: James Webb and the Politics of Space," presented at the November 1981 Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, Memphis, Tennessee. (This paper was nominated for the Pi Sigma Alpha Award for Best Paper at the 1981 meeting).

"Controlling the Workers: Capitalism and Labor in the Sunbelt," presented at the March 1981 Meeting of the Western Political Science Association, Denver, Colorado.

With David Perry, "The Politics of Efficiency: A Study of the Stages of Urban Politics Which Gave Rise to the Bureaucratic State," April 1980 Meeting of the Midwestern Political Science Association, Chicago, Illinois.


Robert Bruno, Steelworker Alley: How Class Works in Youngstown; Ohio History, 109 (Summer/Autumn 2000); 220-222.

Mark Bernstein, Grand Eccentrics: Turning the Century: Dayton and the Invention of America; Ohio History, 107 (Winter/Spring 1998): 87-88.

Patricia Bugess, Planning for the Private Interest: Land Use Controls and Residential Patterns in Columbus, Ohio, 1900-1970; Ohio History, 106 (Winter/Spring 1997): 106-107.

Patricia Mooney Melvin, The Organic City: Urban Definition and Neighborhood Organization, 1880-1920; Ohio History, 99 (Summer 1990): 179-180.

Jon Teaford, The Unheralded Triumph: City Government in America, 1870-1900; Ohio History, 94 (Winter/Spring 1985): 105-107.

Hadley Arkes, The Philosopher and the City; Ohio History, 91 (Summer 1982): 121-122.

Mary Procter and Bill Matuszeski, Gritty Cities; Ohio History, 89 (Summer 1980): 365-366.


Member, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Department of Political Science, The Ohio State University, 1978-present.

Political analyst, for various news organizations, 2004 presidential election.

Manuscript Reviewer, Urban Affairs Review (formerly Urban Affairs Quarterly), 1987-1998

President, Lima Campus Faculty Assembly, 1983-1986, 1995-1997

Chair, Regional Campus Faculty Council, The Ohio State University, 1985-1986, 1996-97

Member, Allen County Board of Elections, 1988-1993

Chair, Allen County Democratic Party, 1986-1991

Co-Coordinator, 4th Congressional District, Dukakis for President Campaign, 1988

Treasurer, Von der Embse for Law Director Campaign, May 1985-December 1985

Allen County Coordinator, Maurer for State Senate Campaign, May 1984-December 1984

4th Congressional District Coordinator, Mondale for President Campaign, Ohio Primary, January-May, 1984


The American Political Science Association

Caucus for a New Political Science

American Historical Association

Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)

American Association of University Professors

The Ohio State University at Lima; 4240 Campus Drive; Lima, Ohio 45804
FAX: (419) 995-8094

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