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Psychology Minor

Effective Autumn 2006
Revised 9/2006

Students taking a minor in psychology must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of Psychology 100 and the "Data Analysis" requirement of the GEC (section 2. C.). In cases where the major department does not specify a particular data analysis course requirement, the Department of Psychology requires Statistics 145 or its equivalent be taken.
  2. Completion of seven psychology courses at the 300 level or higher is required. Psychology 300 must be included as one of the seven courses. Students are encouraged to take this as early as possible in their minor coursework. Psychology 320, if taken, will be applied to the data analysis requirement of the GEC, but does not count toward the seven courses.
    1. Psychology courses for the minor must include at least one course from three of the five areas (A E) listed below.
    2. In addition to Psychology 300 and three courses selected from the areas below, three additional Psychology courses at the 300 level or above must be selected from Psychology Department course offerings.
    • Area A: Cognition/Attention/Performance
       311 - 312
    • Area B: Clinical/Counseling Psychology
      331 - 540
    • Area C: Developmental Psychology
      340 - 550 - 551 - 552
    • Area D: Psychobiology
      310 - 313
    • Area E: Social Psychology
      H325 - *367.01 - *375

    *Indicates courses that can also be used to meet GEC requirements


  1. Students can file psychology minor programs with an Arts and Sciences counselor without going through the Department of Psychology.
  2. Psychology 321, the second quantitative methods course, is recommended only for students who are seriously planning to pursue graduate study in psychology. Psychology.  321 is not required for a minor in psychology.
  3. Students interested in graduate training in psychology should not concentrate studies heavily in one area. Rather, they should gain a broad background within psychology, especially in the basic experimental areas and in statistics. Research experience via Psychology 693 is especially valuable. Students may count a minimum of three credit hours of Psychology 693 as equivalent to one upper level course. Students may use this option for only one course. .
  4. Completion of the Psychology minor varies in required credit hours (approximately 22 - 28) according to course selection of the individual student.

General Information on Minor Programs

  1. Minor programs are not required for graduation.
  2. A student may not take a major and a minor in the same subject.
  3. Courses used on the minor may not be used on the major.
  4. Where appropriate, overlap between the GEC/LAR and a minor is permissible, unless specifically disallowed in an individual minor.
  5. All minors require a minimum of 20 credit hours, although some require more. No more than 10 hours of transfer credit may be applied to any minor.
  6. When students complete more than one minor, each minor must contain a minimum of 20 unique hours.
  7. No grade below a C will be permitted in courses comprising the minor; the minimum overall GPA of the minor shall be 2.0.
  8. Courses taken on a PA/NP basis may not be applied to the minor.
  9. Some minors need individual approval by a faculty member; a psychology minor does not.
  10. Students need not file their minor programs until they file their graduation application.
  11. Once a minor is on file in the college office, any changes must be discussed with the ASC counselor.

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