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 Research Experience
Psychology students have the opportunity to participate in research experiences under the supervision of a faculty member. Research experience strengthens an undergraduate degree and is strongly recommended for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology, as well as for students desiring to develop research skills as a job skill. Participation in ongoing research opportunities enables students to test their interest in research and interact more closely with faculty members who share those interests.

Psychology 4998 - Undergraduate Research Requires the following prerequisites:

  • Psychology 100/1100
  • Permission of Instructor -
        1. Please seek permission from the instructor prior to the start of the semester.
        2. Bring a drop/add slip to the instructor for their signature.
  • Completion of the CITI Collaborative Institutional online course
        1. Logon on the CITI at www.citiprogram.org and select a username and password
        2. Select add a course for “ Ohio State University”
        3. Select “Human Research Curriculum -Social and Behavioral Research Investigator and Staff”
        4. Select “ Basic” Course
        5. Complete all the required modules/quizzes - you can return to these modules at different times and work at your own pace
        6. Expect to spend at least 6 to 10 hrs on this course
        7. Print out a copy of your completion report for our records and give a copy to your instructor
  • Completion of the conflict of interest form if required by your instructor COI information
  • Recommended courses to participate in Psychology 4998:
    • 2220 Data Analysis in Psychology
    • 2300 Introduction to Research in Psychology

Students may sign up for varying amounts of course credit. For every credit hour taken, students are expected to work a minimum of 37.5 hours on the research project. Amount of credit and scheduled times are negotiated with the faculty supervisor. Psychology 4998 is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.