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  Spanish 1101
  Spanish 1102
  Spanish 1103
  Spanish 2151
  Comparative Studies 2105

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Spanish 1101.01

Course Objectives

Spanish 1101 is the first course of a four course sequence (1101, 1102, 1103) which leads to the fulfillment of the foreign language requirement. Spanish is the primary language of instruction. The general goal of the course is to develop basic language skills. During this course students will...

• develop a vocabulary base to begin building language skills. Vocabulary includes but is not limited to: greetings, describing people and places, professions, past times, family, academics, the home and household items, numbers.
• develop knowledge of the grammar structures associated with, but not limited to, the following: identifying and describing people, places, events, and objects; using the verb estar for describing health conditions and location; requesting and reporting information using -ar, -er, -ir verbs; expressing likes and dislikes with the verb gustar and others like gustar; indicating possession; using the verbal expressions of tener, the verb ir, and the verbal expression ir + a + infinitive to talk about the immediate future, stem changing verbs; the use of direct and indirect object pronouns to describe daily habits and routines.

• listen to simple passages and answer questions about the content. Read simple authentic texts and answer questions about the content.
Write simple paragraphs using acquired vocabulary and grammar structures.
• engage in, and sustain, basic face-to-face conversation with others.
Use the Internet to acquire information about the Spanish-speaking world.
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of selected elements of various Hispanic cultures.



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