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Theatre Department

Coming Soon


Our Annual Theatre Department Greet, Meet & Eat!, Friday, August 29th from 12-1pm. on stage at The Martha W. Farmer Theatre for the Performing Arts (Reed Hall)
This is an opportunity to meet the theatre faculty & staff, other students who are also interested in theatre, and to enjoy some free pizza!  If you can only stay for part of the time, that’s o.k!  This is an informal gathering to give you all the chance to find out more about us and what we do, and to ask questions, etc.  We hope you can join us!

Auditions for the Fall production, “Alice in Wonderland”, Tuesday, September 2nd, at 6pm., at The Martha W. Farmer Theatre for the Performing Arts (Reed Hall)
The script is available for perusal  in The Green Room (go down the main hall of Reed past the cafeteria – turn right through the double doors and the Green Room is straight ahead --  it’s behind the stage).  You do not need to prepare anything for the auditions – just be open, eager and ready to participate in a few theatre games, improvisations and readings from the script. I will also be looking for an assistant director/stage manager, and we will be looking for stage crew as well.  If you are cast (or are the AD/Stage manager or stage crew), you will need to sign up either for Practicum credit (1-3 hours) or for Theatre 4921S – Performance Outreach (a 3 credit “class”).  I (or Dan Matthews, our Scenic Designer/Tech Director) will have to give you a Course Enrollment Permission Slip, which you’ll take to your advisor. 
Rehearsals will generally be Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 6-8:30 pm., and Wednesday evenings at a time to be determined (this will also be an evening rehearsal – we may either keep it at the same time, or start later, depending on people’s class schedules), and will begin the week of September 8th.   Later in the process, as we get closer to tech, we will probably add a few evening rehearsals and will have rehearsals the weekend before we open.  You will be given a fairly complete rehearsal schedule during the first week of rehearsals. 

Performance Dates are as follows:
Wed-Fri., Nov. 5-7th – 9:15; 10:45am. school matinees
Wed-Fri., Nov. 12-15th – 9:15; 10:45am. school matinees
(We realize many of you will have classes during these performance dates/times.  Not to worry!  Professors/instructors here are generally good about working with students in our productions.  We send them a letter verifying your involvement in the production, and asking you to be excused from classes for those days – but, YOU will also need to communicate with your professors & make up any work you may miss.)

Want more information? Contact Margie Anich at anich.1@osu.edu