Elizabeth Sylak

Bluffton High School

Freshman/Sophomore Poetry

First Place--Freshman/Sophomore Division




The Phoenix

The sun has shone its last ray.

The oceans are turning to dust.

The forests have fallen, their roots upturned.

The world has ceased to spin.

The creatures are dying.

The children are crying.

The grasslands are turning to flame.

Death and despair are the soil,

From which the black snake can rise.

The world is dead and in shambles,

And all that can live here are treachery and lies.

Yet, from the flames a new voice calls,

A voice not of plague or disease.

From the ashes a phoenix has risen,

And as it flies its cry rings out.

The black snake has uncoiled, retreating to its lair.

New trees from those fallen take root.

In the fire that is dying comes laughter.

The rebirth of the world is here.

Let the flowers spring up from the ground,

And the branches of the willow sway in a spring breeze.

Let the sky be as a robin's egg,

And the waves crash upon the shore.

But let us not forget that after death

A phoenix of what once was will rise.

Peace shall once again find you,

And the black snake will hiss in demise.