Carrie Warnecke

Temple Christian

Senior Poetry

Third Place--Junior/Senior Division


The Mix Tape to the Summer of Burned Bridges and Broken Bones

immersed in the charm of free fall

from the basement under the law

no where left to explore

but up with feet nailed to the floor

and there's so many reasons

I haven't been sleeping

at night

because I'm waiting by the light

of a city's angry glow

to the sound of oblivion grieving inside the radio

acquire the faltered discord

all d.i.y. noise

where drama can hinge on mishearing

the toxic grating voice

of rancid and minor threat

too loud to hear it

too real to fear it

too close to leave it now

so chase it

and erase it

but you'll never forget the sound

and there hasn't been much perception of sound

or time

when years are measured by bus fares

and the toll of late night fights

begin to test my prayers

it's all been one big test

failed too much to ever manifest

hints of incisiveness

hints corrupted by association

for me, I've related my declarations

to everything I have feared before

so threatened, so impure

so inflamed and unhealed

and I pick at unhealed wounds

I'd like to set it all on fire

and then run away from you

faster than I've ever run before

but my legs fall through

and I'm emptied


crawling parade and

the walls collapsing

my critics laughing

an open exhibition

with all eyes watching

trying to elude the cliche with the pit

I've spent enough time in the pit

and I'm not as strong as the paranoia is

and I can't live without bloodied fists

fighting every cynic

I'm completely unforgiven

life's so hit or miss

I thought we'd be so much bigger than this

bigger than shattered adolescent dreams

would ever have wanted us to be

we'll never be as good as they want us to be

so meet me atop the Hillsborough Bridge

if you trust i won't jump on a night like this

and bring all the things you regret you did

and all your piled teenage angst

and all your chronic deluded ways

and all the troubles on your list

we'll throw them over the Hillsborough Bridge