Jessi Baca

First Place, Poetry, 2004 Arbuckle Creative Writing Awards


Fearfully Happy  by Jessi Baca


The brilliant orange of the sun

or the pale yellow of a daffodil

Twinges of joy.

A cool spring breeze

blowing blissfully over my face,

Periods of contentment.


The refreshing bittersweet taste of tea

On a sweltering summer day,

Flashes of happiness.


A realizing breath of finality

To see an utterly completed work,

Moments of satisfaction.


The sweet night air rushing through my hair

On a swift road trip,

Glad to the brink of fear.


Love by Jessi Baca


Poor man drawn into love

   like a fish into the sea.

Love washing over him

   with such value and greatness.

In and out

   this coming tide,

   always to return to shore

Yet to return once more to the ocean,

   and for him those fleeting moments

   are full of love's embrace.

Poor man

   so full of unattainable love,

   that his loves become a thought of love.

And like the coming tide

   its idea is enough to hold him captive,

   and trapped.