Diversity Initiatives

The Ohio State University at Lima’s vision is to offer accessibility to those wanting a first class education. We understand that the best education also offers a cultural atmosphere that encompasses diversity and inclusivity. The campus has built strong partnerships in the local community since 1960, and works to expand those partnerships beyond Allen County.  The Ohio State University at Lima will continue to offer one of the best higher education experiences in the country.

The Ohio State University at Lima is committed to creating an atmosphere that supports diversity and inclusion for all. Our mission continues to be to serve the underrepresented and first generation students and does not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, national origin, or those with disabilities.

    •  To continue the existing programs that aim to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation of first generation, low-income, and underrepresented students as well as students of color utilizing College Prep 8, the DREAM Program, and collaboration efforts with the Buckeye Application Program on the Columbus campus.
    •  To provide opportunities and options for students to actively engage in campus life and provide ongoing opportunities for leadership development.
    •  To serve as an advocate for underrepresented students.
    •  To promote an appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusion on campus.
    •  To continue to develop outreach programs and to be an advocate for the purpose of higher education in Allen and surrounding counties.

Student Learning Outcomes
Through interaction with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion students will:
    •  Acquire and apply knowledge that will serve as tools for positive interactions with a diverse society
    •  Reflect upon their own identity and develop a greater understanding of their cultural, values, ideas and  beliefs
    •  Engage in the development and sustainability of their local and global community
    •  Think critically about issues and problems that impact the global society
    •  Gain an appreciation for individuals who are different from themselves through meaningful interactions     •  Develop academic, personal and professional goals that reflect leadership development, career awareness and personal wellness