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The Health Sciences Program is offered by the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (formerly School of Allied Medical Professions) at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Because health care is rapidly changing, there is a need for broadly educated graduates with extensive knowledge of health care and service-related topics.

At The Ohio State University at Lima, students can complete the Health Sciences Program and earn a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Professions. Along with the Health Sciences curriculum, student will choose a minor or approved focus area. The opportunity for an internship also gives students a way to gain experience, further self-development and apply learning toward achievement of practical goals and skills under the supervision of a preceptor and the internship coordinator.

Beginning in Autumn Semester 2012, there will be three ways to navigate through the Health Sciences Program. The first (Plan A) is for students who want to attend professional or graduate school. This plan requires a higher level of math and chemistry than the other two. The second (Plan B) is for Lima students who are looking at the program as a finite degree and not planning to go to graduate school. The second plan requires an internship. The third (Plan C) is for students who have an associate degree in a related healthcare field. There is no minor required as the area of their associate degree is substituted. Transfer credit in equivalent and/or related coursework is acceptable for the major electives.

Career Opportunities

The Health Sciences Program prepares graduates for many career opportunities, beginning in a variety of entry-level positions in all sectors of the health care industry. These may include managed care organizations, hospitals, clinics, sub-acute and ambulatory care facilities, physician group practices, non-profit agencies, and insurance or commercial companies. Students who choose Plan A and take the higher levels of math and chemistry will be prepared for entry into graduate and professional programs. For students who have an associate degree in a related health field, completion of a bachelor’ degree program may provide opportunities to advance in their careers.

Faculty and staff for Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Program draws upon the resources of the faculty and staff of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, as well as those here at Ohio State Lima.

For Columbus campus program ... http://medicine.osu.edu/hrs/hs/pages/index.aspx

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