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Barons Athletics
Barons Baseball 2013 Season Preview



Lima, OH – Barons Baseball is ready for spring to get here as the season was set to get started this past weekend with a three game series at Alice Lloyd in Pippa Passes, KY. However, cold temps and inclement weather has forced the series to be reduced to two games, which are now scheduled for Saturday, March 9, 2013. The Barons will then continue their Spring southern swing with a three game series at Bluefield College March 11 & 12, and a four game series at Georgia Gwinnett College March 14-16.

“We were ready to go this past weekend. After two months in the gym, we really wanted to get the season started. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate, so we will have to refocus, and be ready next week to get this season underway.” Said Head Coach Abe Ambroza. When asked how the team prepares for their first 12 games being on the road, Ambroza replied “As an Ohio college baseball program, we simply must travel south to get our season started as early as we need to. We aspire to compete for titles, and feel playing competition like this early on in some warmer climates, gives us our best opportunity to do just that.”

Heading in to the 2013 Baseball Season, the Barons have a mix of experienced veterans and talented newcomers around the horn, on the mound, and in the outfield. “We have perhaps the best mix of experience and skill that we have had in my four years here.” Said Ambroza. “The depth of talent that we have at every position is a great strength of ours this year. I have confidence in so many of our young men in several different roles. It should be an exciting year.”

Around the horn:

The Barons infield will see time split at all positions. Included in the mix will be;

- Senior, Ryan Kortokrax, a 2012 All ORCC 2nd Team Member and a 2011 All ORCC 1st Team Member. Kortokrax will see some time at 1st  base.

- Senior, Codie Roberts will see some time at 2nd base.

- Sophomore, Cody Dukes will see time at 2nd base and at 3rd base.

- Sophomore, Ryne Jerome will see time at 1st base.

- Freshman, Brandon Burke will likely see a large share of time at Shortstop.

- Freshman, Joey Schmook will see time at both 2nd base and at Shortstop.

- Freshman, Tyler Blumentritt will see time at both 1st base and at 3rd base.

- Freshman, Matt Youngpeter will see time at both 2nd base and 3rd base.

- Freshman, Dylan Clifton-Lorton will likely see some time at 3rd base.


“We have several guys with infield position flexibility. This is a very important quality for us as we also have a lot of dual position/pitcher guys too.” Commented Ambroza about his 2013 infield.


In the green:


The Barons outfield, like the infield, will also see time split at all positions. Included in the mix will be;

            - Senior, Ryan Kortokrax will see time in Right Field

            - Senior, Codie Roberts, a 2011 All ORCC 2nd Team Member will see time in Center Field and Right Field

            - Sophomore, Derrick Pease, a 2012 All ORCC 2nd Team Member will likely see the majority of the time in Center Field

            - Freshman, Sam Altenbach will see time in Left Field and Center Field

            - Freshman, Alex white could see time at all three Outfield Positions

            - Freshman, Matt Stechschulte could see time at all three Outfield Positions

            - Freshman, Dylan Clifton-Lorton will see time in Right Field


“The fact that we have 7 guys to look at, with confidence, in the outfield is awesome. Again, it really compliments our dual pitcher guys well. We can look at hot bats and healthy arms as a major factor in every game when deciding lineups!” Said Ambroza.


Behind the plate:


The Barons have four catchers on the roster this year, all may see time. Included will be;

            - Senior, Ryan Kortokrax

            - Sophomore, Ryne Jerome    

- Freshman, Dylan Clifton-Lorton

- Freshman, Jeff Sinchak


“Krax (Ryan Kortokrax) is looking great after a year off catching with his knee. Jerome has upped his conditioning, and looks more than just a year older and stronger. DC (Dylan Clifton-Lorton) shows a lot of talent and poise for a freshman. Jeff has possibly shown the greatest amount of improvement from day one in the fall. Having all four of these young men at our disposal, at the toughest position in baseball is yet another strength of our team. We have started to learn already which guy works better with which pitcher, and we feel confident putting any of them out there in game situations.” Said Ambroza


On the mound:


The Barons pitching staff appears to be the strongest the Barons have had in many years. Expected to see time as starters will likely be;

            - Senior, Codie Roberts

            - Sophomore, Derrick Pease

            - Freshman, Matt Youngpeter

            - Freshman, Brent Bertke

            - Freshman, Brandon Scott

            - Freshman, Brandon Burke

            - Freshman, Tyler Blumentritt


In addition to the 7 potential starters, the Barons are also looking at a strong Bullpen. Included in the team’s Bullpen plans will be;

- Sophomore, Ryne Jerome

- Freshman, Joey Schmook

- Freshman, Dylan Clifton-Lorton

- Freshman, Jeff Sinchak

- Freshman, Adam Von Sossan


“Obviously, we are very young on the mound. However, we are extremely pleased with the development and maturity we have seen from this pitching staff. We have seven young men currently competing for spots on the rotation, and on top of that another four young men that are poised and ready to pitch well for us out of the pen.” Said Ambroza