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The Board of The Ohio State University at Lima:
The Ohio State University at Lima

The Ohio State University at LIma


April 10, 2008

4:00 pm




Keith Deters              ___                             Ted Griffith                ___                

Ron Hadley               ___                             Susan Hubbell         ___

Nancy Knight           ___                             Doug Reinhart         ___

Grace Schulte          ___                             James Unverferth    ___

                                                Robert Young  ___





William Ackerman   ___                             George Brooks         ___

Jered Slusher___




Call to Order and Attendance                                                        Nancy Knight, Chair 



Approval of minutes of March 13, 2008 meeting minutes       Jon Rockhold


                        Motion  ___________         Second  ___________


Consideration of financial condition                                            Devon Phelps                     

                        Motion ____________        Second ____________                 


Academic Department Report:  Music                                         Richard Mallonee

                                                                                                            Bev Bletstein

                                                                                                            Michael Benson



Trustee Committee Report:   None          



Departmental Report:   Heath Learning Center                         Steven Higgins


                                         Marketing                                                 Pam Joseph



Dean and Director’s Report                                                           John Snyder


                        Reappointment as Ohio State Lima Dean and Director



                        Student Trustee nomination/selection process, 2008-09


Campus Master Plan

President Gee visit to Ohio State Lima, April 28-29

                        Private Developer: Housing



Old Business


Update on Board to Board Discussions between the Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College Board of Trustees Committees





New Business


Recommendation of reappointment of Ted Griffith, Nancy J. Knight, and James Unverferth as members of The The Board of The Ohio State University at Lima for their third terms, beginning on July 1, 2008 and extending to June 30, 2011.


                        Motion ________________           Second _________________








Items presented by Trustees for consideration at a future meeting



Adjourn at _______



Motion _____________                  Second  _____________




NEXT BOARD MEETING:  May 8, 2008 at 4:00


Reports scheduled for the May 8 meeting:


            Academic Report: None

            Trustee Committee Report: Academic Affairs and Student Life

            Departmental Report: Admissions

                                                   Master Plan Report