Business Administration 201

Business Career Planning

Winter Quarter 2009


Instructor:  Donna Lamb

                  122 Public Service Bldg.




Office Hours:  8:30-4:00 Mon-Fri


Goals of the course:  Increase awareness of the world of work, areas of specialization within the Fisher College of Business and other majors that relate to business, and develop a career plan and job search skills.


Text:  No text required.  Handouts will be provided throughout the course.       



Date                             Topic                                                                                   


Jan. 3                           Overview of Course Expectations

                                    Begin discussion of the Career Planning Process

                                    Welcome—Peace Li, General Business Program Coordinator

                                    Introduction to the major business areas—where they began;

                                    where they are now; skills required;  starting salaries, etc.


Jan. 5                           Introduction to the Fisher College of Business 12 Areas of Specialization,

                                    requirements and the application process

                                    Discussion of alternate majors that can prepare you for a career in business


Jan. 10                         Getting to Know Yourself

                                    Introduction to the Strong Interest Inventory.


Jan 12                          Begin Work on 2-page paper (Choose one of the major business areas of interest to you and include a definition of the area, possible work sites and duties, and discuss how your skills, interests, experiences fit in that area) rough draft due January 24!

We will be interpreting your Strong results and their relationship to the major business areas.                             


Jan. 17                         Exploring what’s in a resume (discussion of types of resumes and key points that should be included).  Using your Strong results for developing

                                    your resume.

                                    Career Management tools.                                           


Jan. 19                         What Do Employers Want?

                                    Guest speakers

                                    Begin Resume—Rough draft due February 21


Jan. 24                         Guest Speakers --Accounting, Finance, Marketing*

                                    Turn in rough draft of paper


Jan. 26                         Guest speakers -- Real Estate*


                                    Information Systems*


Jan. 31                         Guest speakers -- Transportation & Logistics*

                                    International Business*

                                    Risk Management*


Feb. 2                          Guest speakers – Aviation*


                                    Special *



Feb. 7                          Resume Development

                                    Interviewing skills

                                    Company Research


Feb. 9                          An Employer’s Views on Resumes & Interviewing – Guest speaker


Feb. 14                        Graduate & Professional Schools – Guest speaker

                                    How to begin the process of finding an internship/job search. 

                                    How to be a star in your internship.


Feb. 16                        Guest Speaker --  

                                    Interview Current or Former Intern


Feb. 21                        Presentations by some of our graduates on what they are doing now.

                                    Rough draft of resume due


Feb. 23                        Company Presentations


Feb. 28                        Company Presentations

                                    Campus and Community Involvement

                                    The value of Networking

Mar. 2                          Managing your career

                                    Final Resume Due


Mar. 7                          Career Goal Setting, Evaluation


Mar. 9                          Wrap-up

                                    Career Planning Paper Due (this is in lieu of a final)


Mar. 14/16                   Finals  Good Luck


Grading: This course is graded A through E


# 2-page paper                                                 10 points

# Resume and Mock Interview             40 points

# 10-page paper                                               50 points

*STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LEARNING ABOUT ANY CHANGES TO SYLLABUS!.—speakers may be different than the order listed on syllabus subject to availability.