EDU PAES 270.02 (03 credits): Academic Majors and Career Exploration Course

Autumn Quarter 2009




Instructor:  Donna G. Lamb

Coordinator of Career Services

The Ohio State University at Lima

146 Public Services Building

4240 Campus Drive

Lima, OH  45804

(419) 995-8053


Course Objectives


  1. To learn about the academic major/career decision-making process
  2. To integrate self, educational, occupational and decision-making knowledge
  3. To make a realistic choice and/or develop a realistic plan about a major/career/ job search
  4. To acquire internship/job search skills and strategies
  5. To learn about the process of applying to graduate and professional schools
  6. To become familiar with career-related resources at OSU


Recommended Text


Selecting a College Major. Exploration and Decision-Making.  Gordon, V. & Sears, S. 2004. Fifth Edition. Pearson, Prentice Hall


Attendance Policy


Attendance in this course is mandatory because of the personal and process-oriented nature of its content. Students having more than two unexcused absences will need to drop the course. Students must see the instructor to do this.


Grading Policy


This course is graded Satisfactory (S)/Unsatisfactory (U). In order to receive a satisfactory grade, a minimum of 80 points in the following assignments is required.


Students with Disabilities


This syllabus is available in alternative formats upon request. If you may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability, you should contact the instructor. Students with special needs should contact Karen Meyer, Coordinator of Disability Services at 419 995-8453 for certification if they have not already done so. The Disabilities Service Coordinator and the instructor will facilitate accommodation for special needs.


Academic Misconduct


Students are bounded by the Code of Student Conduct. Violations of the code will be dealt accordingly to the procedures detailed in that code.


 Course Requirements                           Due Date                                     Point Value

Self-Assessment                                       1/17                                                      10                        

Web based Exercise                                 2/14                                                      20

Resume                                                     2/23                                                      20

Informational Interview                            2/28                                                      20

Final Reflection Paper                               3/9                                                       15

Class participation and Attendance/ Registration Career Services                       10

Meeting with instructor (week of February 6)                                                        5


Course Calendar


                           Dates                                          Topics

September 21


Introduction, Job Fairs


September 26, 28

Decision-Making Styles, Decision Making Strategies, Career Planning Model

October 3, 5


Self Exploration, values Strong Inventory


October 10, 12


Intro to Career Connection Web Site Web Based Exercise/OSU Lima Career Services Office


October 17, 19


OSU Majors


October 24, 26


Networking, Resume Writing

October 31, November 7


Job Search Letters, Interviewing/Dining Etiquette

November 14, 16


Employability Skills

November 21

(November 23 no class, Thanksgiving Holiday)


Applying to Graduate and Professional Schools

November 28, 30


Salary Negotiation, Reflection Papers