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  Posting Procedures

Current Edition

As a service to the campus community, THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE WILL DO ALL POSTING FOR ALL EVENTS AND ALL ORGANIZATIONS.  Listed below is an outline of your posting procedures.  Procedures have been developed in an attempt to keep the campus clean and organized while ensuring that publicity and postings are adequately displayed.  Materials for posting may be forwarded to the office any time, and normally they are posted within 24 hours.

General Postings

  • All posted materials must be initialed by a campus staff or faculty member, and include a Campus Events/ Programs/ Classes will be posted on any bulletin board marked “FOR POSTING” or in stairwells,( 25 copies needed), Off- Campus announcements and events will be posted on general bulletin boards only (7 copies needed).  All materials will be dated when posted.
  • All bulletin boards and stairwells will be cleared at the end of each quarter.
  • Due to the inconvenience to physically challenged students, there will be no posting in or around elevators.
  • Postings are NOT to be affixed to GLASS DOORS or WINDOWS.
  • Postings are not to advertise illegal activities or alcohol availability.
  • The Student Activities Office will also handle all “For Sale” notice posted on campus.  Areas designated for such postings include Galvin first floor hallway.
  • Stairswells are for posting campus events only.
  • Any postings, which do not adhere to these guidelines, maybe removed. 
  • “Official” boards are marked as such and maintained by a representative of the register’s office or enrollment services.  No other materials should be placed on these boards. 

~ Class cancellation notices may be posted on classroom doors, but it is the responsibility of the faculty member to remove the notices when outdated.
~ Degree program boards will be maintained by a degree department person, i. e. Psychology, English, Human Services, Etc.

Amy Livchak
Coordinator - Student Programs