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Mental Health Services:
Counseling Q & A
Q:  I was wondering if there is a way to know if you are sincerely depressed. My sons father was killed 3 years ago and I have found that alot of times I get so down that I don't care about much of anything...including school. In 2 quarters I have gone from a 3.9 GPA to a 2.2. Some days I feel alright but I get agitated very easily, I sleep alot, and I cry out of nowhere. I keep telling myself that I am not or can't be, but I want to know for sure so I can get help if I need it. Thanks.
A:  Hello, In order to accuratley diagnose someone with depression they need to be evaluated. In this situation, I strongly encourage you to visit one of the counselors on campus: Gail Nelson at 419-995-8698 or Dr.Samantha Haudenschield at 419-995-8272.
How to Make Friends?
Q:  I had a lot of friends early in high school but in the middle of my four years my family moved to a completely different town. I'm a pretty quiet person but I managed to make some friends, although none of which was I really close with. Once I graduated high school and started college I am once again left without any friends. I haven't noticed anyone in my classes that I would get along with really well and I don't seem to be interested in any of the clubs on campus. Any suggestions?
A:  Try volunteering or participate in the What's on Wednesday events along with Passport to Lima. They all provide different opportunities to get to know other individuals.

Q:  Is STD testing available through the university
A:  STD testing is not available here on the Lima campus. It is offered in Columbus.
Need help for friend
Q:  A friend of mine, who is not an OSU Lima student, is struggling with the loss of her uncle. Can you recommend any good counselors in the Lima area for her?
A:  In search of a good counselor, The first thing I would do is have your friend look on the back of their insurance card or their parents insurance card for a number to call to see what counselors are covered. Every insurance is different.
having trouble remembering things
Q:  every time i study for an exam i remember everything but then when the exam comes i get low grades can you tell me what i can do to solve this problem
A:  Trouble Remembering, Talk with your professors they may be willing to help you. They may be able to give you tips as to what is important. Also take advantage of the Learning Center on Galvin 3rd floor. Other things that are important is to make sure you get enough sleep, eat breakfast, and relax.
Q:  What would you suggest to help me get over from being so stressed out?
A:  Stressed Out, I would suggest that you get enough rest, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy diet. Along with avoiding tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and excessive caffeine. It is also important to keep a sense of humor, find something you enjoy outside of school and make time for it. Also, ask for help if you need it.
Sick Best Friend
Q:  What if your best friend was diagnosed with schizophrenia & bi polar disease, had been hospitalized twice & still wont keep up with taking her medication? what should I do?
A:  Is your friend seeing a counselor? It is important that your friend take her medication and it is important that they share with their doctor and or counselor that they are not taking their medications. As a friend you need to do what you feel is best for your friend. Even if it is hard. It's hard to know the whole situation and all the circumstances surrounding it to give you advice on this subject. If you feel you need more direct answers please feel free to visit behavioral health services in PS 120.
Q:  Can severe migraines be a symptom associated with depression?
A:  Depressed, There are several scholarly journal articles suggesting that individuals who have migraines report experiencing depression. There is also research to support that individuals who are experiencing depression report pain more often.
Q:  Are the majority of people in Mental Health Atheist? Jordan L. Reffitt Dr. Green's Class Psych 100
A:  Jordan, Are you asking: Are the majority of people, who provide Mental Health Services Athiest? If so, the answer would be no. Mental Health Providers are of all different religions. Some of which could quite be atheist. However, if you are asking if the majority of the people who seek Mental Health services Athiest? I can only speak of my own personal experiences and that is, usually. The clients I have seen in the past do not believe in one religion if they believe in a God at all.
Lack of Interest
Q:  I've started this year in college with bad grades and a lack of interest? What can I do to increase my arousal towards my schoolwork?
A:  Hello Lack of Interest, A lot of college students find it hard to become intersted in school especially with everything else going on in their lives. Perhaps you aren't taking a course that is of particular interest to you. I would suggest next quarter taking a course that you find interesting. Example, Theatre, Chorus, or Art. I hope you take advantage of all the university has to offer to help pull your grades up. You can always talk with the professors and utilize the Learning Center up on the third floor of galvin. Good Luck with courses this quarter.
Q:  College has been making me fell very stressed out. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with my schoolwork so that I may continue to do well yet not feel so pressured.
A:  Stress, There's several things you can do to help alleviate stress and the pressure of school work. One make time for yourself, find something you enjoy and put a time slot on your schedule. Second, Time management. Third, exercise. Exercise has been known to alleviate stress and depression.
Easily Distracted
Q:  Im having a hard time paying attention in class. Im easly distracted. My grades are reflecting. What are some ways I can focus?
A:  Easily Distracted, I strongly encourage you to speak with professor about your grades and the reason you are becoming easily distracted. If it's something outside of the school setting that is distracting you, you might want to visit the Behavioral Health Services available here on Campus. To make an appointment you can call 419-995-8698.
study tips
Q:  Is there a place where i can meet people to study with?
A:  If you are looking for a general area to study with individuals from your class. You could study in Galvin in the commons or game room. I would also highly suggest that you utilize the Heath Learning Center. The best way to find a study group is to ask other students in your class if they would like to get together to study. Also, ask the professor maybe they already have a study group lined up.
Without Schedule
Q:  How do I find a schedule of courses that will be offered next quarter?
A:  To view a list of courses that will be offered, please go to lima.osu.edu/schedule and choose the schedule that you would like to see.

To schedule classes please contact Advising at (419)995-8264.

Recovering Addict
Q:  I am a recovering addict and I am going to have knee replacement. I'm afraid that if I take pain medication that I will become addicted again.
A:  Inform your doctor that you are a recovering addict and they will be able to help you with this decision.
Rough Quarter
Q:  I have had a rough quarter. My parents are going through a divorce, my gpa has suffered, and nothing seems to be going right. It seems like it would be better for everyone if I did not exist.
A:  I think it would be beneficial to contact Mental Health Services in GA 134 or (419)995-8698. If you are having immediate thoughts of suicide please call the Hope Line at 1-800-567-4673.

Q:  My spouse and I are going through the beginning phases of a divorce. Where do I go for legal advice?
A:  You can call Ohio Legal Rights to be informed of what your rights are: 1-800-282-9181. You can also call the Allen County Bar Association for a list of lawyers: (419)224-7534.