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Published by NorthShore Press

"With Possum Nocturne, Doug Ramspeck adds his rich voice to the chorus of poetry flourishing in the heartland ranging from the American Southwest to the Midwest . . . and like no one else he gives us the clarity of insight that grows out of alert, sympathetic living. I am grateful for the gifts of this fine book."
— David Baker

"Doug Ramspeck’s superb collection Possum Nocturne is a study of moonlight reading the water, of ghosts whispering just out of hearing, of skulls that prophecy from dark sockets."
— Gaylord Brewer

"Vestigial, atavistic, the poems in this fine collection are wonderfully
troubling . . . you won’t put this book of poems down, but bring a flashlight and steel your nerves."
— Bruce Guernsey

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