The possible number of titles for a bibliography of this nature is, of course, huge.  And growing. Until I began compiling it, I would not have guessed that so many had written so much on the subject.  Whole  industries of publication have sprung up about the dogs of war, about dogs with jobs, therapy dogs, the keeping of pets, the archeology and ethnology of dog/human relations around the world, the folklore of dogs.  And there is as well, of course, a significant canine presence in the animal rights literature of the past two decades.  I have been able to keep the number of entries down to a usable minimum by rigorously excluding all titles having to do with preparing for, adopting, and/or training a new puppy/dog.   Similarly, most titles having to do with specific breeds are omitted, as are popular sources dealing with the day-to-day care and feeding of canines.  That leaves the "culture" of dogs: those aspects of human/dog interaction which may be said to validly contribute to and make a part of the "culture"--of both dogs and humans.    Interestingly, that meant for me that, although dog acquisition was not a topic I would ordinarily be interested in for the purposes of this list, dog loss, the death of dogs and what it means in the human/dog equation, was exactly apropos.   It also meant that the many anthologies of short stories and poems dealing with dogs could be legitimately included (although they seem to come into and go out of print with such rapidity that one wonders whether listing them serves any other than a historical purpose).  As the work progresses, I plan to add as many as I know of the novels and films specifically about dogs and specifically not written for or made to entertain children.  Some, of course, overlap the generations and may be read/seen by both children and adults.


Despite the difficulties which it may cause, there being inescapable differences in our (yours and my) categorizing schemes, I have chosen to divide up the titles below into sections which make sense to me.  In particular, I was eager to separate out the primary works of literature from the secondary.  I have made a separate section for bibliographies, of which, too, there are a surprising number. 


One peculiarity of the bibliography is the inclusion of secondary works which discuss very specific primary works (the items on Woolf's Flush, for instance, or John Muir's Stickeen).  These made their way onto the list, of course, because the original motive for its construction was as an aid to the students in my course, "Caninicity: The Culture of Dogs," in the Spring of 2002.  In the interests of the general reader, however, I have separated these out into sections of their own, which may be perused or ignored ad lib.


Another peculiarity, I think, is the inclusion of a number of works which might legitimately be listed under "ephemera" or, more pejoratively, "supermarket dogbooks."  I admit to being a compulsive buyer of dog books, in almost any form and with almost any pretensions or lack thereof.  And trying to draw a firm line between the lesser and the more substantial works on dogs, easy at the outer edges, would eventually be daunting, if it were even possible.  Perhaps the fact that they are unlikely to turn up in any other dog bibliography will justify their listing here.  After all, they are also a part of the culture of dogs.


The list is very much a work in progress, or, in the e-language of the internet, "under construction."  That seems entirely appropriate.  We learn new things about this 15,000-year relationship, it seems, almost daily, and in any case, each new human-dog relationship adds its own, often textualized, fragment of information to the overall package. 





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