Who:  The Ohio State University at Lima
1st Annual Ohio State University at Lima Math and Science Day
  Sunday, 27 April 2003, 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Science Building at OSU-Lima Campus
Jen Sutherland, OSU-Lima Admissions Office, at 419-995-8391

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WHAT: 1st Annual Ohio State University at Lima Math and Science Day

WHEN: Sunday, 27 April 2003, 1:30-4:30 p.m.

WHERE: Science Building at OSU-Lima Campus

WHO: West-Central Ohio Junior and Senior High School students with an interest in science and/or mathematics.

The Ohio State University at Lima is now able to offer the courses needed to complete bachelor's degrees in Biology and Mathematics (along with 8 other bachelor's degrees, and 2 master's degrees). The first one or two years of courses are also available in Chemistry, Geology and Physics. The mathematics and science departments include internationally-recognized scholars who are committed to undergraduate teaching. One biology faculty member and two math faculty members are recent winners of The Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching (less than one half of one percent of the university's faculty are honored as such each year). There are two full professors among the math faculty, as well as two experts ranked among the top 5 worldwide in the model theory of modules. The small class sizes at OSU-Lima mean that students in all of the math and science courses work directly with these faculty members in the classroom and laboratory. Several math and science faculty members regularly work with students on independent study projects (for-credit opportunities for research and in-depth study).

Math and Science Day is an opportunity for area junior and senior high school students interested in mathematics and science to visit the OSU-Lima campus. We also welcome visits from area math and science teachers, as well as guidance counselors, to this event. You will be able to tour the laboratories (see the facilities in our new science building) and the Tecumseh Natural Area (an outdoor laboratory used for several biology classes), as well as meet with the faculty and some students. This is an opportunity to learn both about an area of mathematics or science that you might be interested in, as well as about The Ohio State University at Lima, and its academic programs in mathematics and the sciences. The Geology Lab has small displays of dinosaur and common western Ohio fossils. Chemistry and Physics laboratories will have displays of experiments. The Mathematics Club will set up several fun learning stations. Biology will have both indoor lab procedures and projects on display, and be guiding tours of the natural area (this time of spring is a peak season for wildflowers, migratory birds and amphibians). Faculty in all areas will be available to "talk science" and to talk about college programs and careers in these areas. The student Biology and Mathematics clubs will be present to meet and talk to visitors. And, not least, there will be punch and cookies available during the afternoon!

If you have an interest in mathematics and/or science, it is never too early to check out the college and career possibilities. This is your opportunity!

Preliminary List of Math and Science Day Activities and Facilities

(We do not have a final schedule of events at this time, but it will definitely be possible to tour the facilities, and we expect to have most of these activities available. Laboratories will have numerous displays.)


  • biodiversity lab displays (specimens and prepared mounts)

  • coal ball (fossil plants) peels (technique for preparing and viewing fossils)

  • DNA electrophoresis demonstration

  • greenhouse and teaching laboratory tours

  • student projects on salamanders

  • Tecumseh Natural Area tours (wildflowers, birds, etc.)


  • teaching laboratory tours

  • "Atomic Fingerprints" (spectroscopes and gaseous elements)

  • Identify mystery household powders

  • "What's the Matter" - examination of elements and compounds to identify


  • displays of rocks, minerals, Ohio fossils and dinosaurs

  • demonstration on calculating dinosaur weights from scale models

  • demonstration on calculating dinosaur speeds from fossil track-ways

  • geology museum


  • Pascal's Triangle and the Bell Curve (combinatorics and probability)

  • Fibonacci Numbers and Growth in Nature (math and biology)

  • Rubik's Cube and Group Theory (symmetry and abstract algebra)

  • The Monty Hall Problem (games and probability)

  • Target Practice using Algebra (physics and curves)


  • spring launch experiment

  • "Mystery of the Quarks" video of research at Jefferson Lab

  • "Monkey and Hunter" demonstration

  • motion detector

To register for this event, please contact Ms. Jen Sutherland, OSU-Lima Admissions Office, at 419-995-8391. For specific information on the Biology major at OSU-Lima, contact the coordinator, Dr. J. Eric Juterbock (419-995-8360; juterbock.1@osu.edu); for specific information on the Mathematics major at OSU-Lima, contact the coordinator, Dr. Javad Abdalkhani (419-995-8308; abdalkhani.1@osu.edu).


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