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Faculty, Staff and Administration:
Undergraduate Research Mentorship Committee (URMC)
Important Dates
  • April 20: Applications for Undergraduate Research Mentorship Awards.
  • April 23: Posters to Pam Joseph if you are getting posters done at UniPrint. If you are getting them done elsewhere, please use a p-card if possible.
  • April 25: 1-3 page summary for judges and 200-page abstract (for inclusion in the program)
  • April 30: Applications for OSU-Lima Faculty Award for Student Mentorship
  • May 3, 12:30: Poster session in library!
  • Purpose: The goal of this committee and the attendant reward system is to encourage faculty to actively engage students in research. This opportunity should increase the number of undergraduate students participating in conferences or other scholarly venues to share high quality undergraduate research projects. Participation in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, the University Libraries Undergraduate Research Prize, or publication in JUROS are all examples of appropriate venues and are strongly encouraged, although faculty and students are welcome to pursue any appropriate forum for their discipline that will showcase undergraduate research.

    This committee will also select an individual faculty member to receive the Faculty Award for Student Mentorship.

    I. Undergraduate Research Mentorship Awards

    Eligibility:Any member of the OSU Lima Faculty Assembly is eligible to receive this award. Article 1 of Constitution of the Lima Campus Faculty Assembly defines the terms of membership in the Assembly.

    Application:Faculty may mentor one or more undergraduate students in a research project - broadly defined - potentially spanning several quarters. Mentors may work with an individual student or with a small group of students (i.e., a research cluster). Normally, students are expected to earn independent study coursework for the duration of the project, as credit earned would be one measure of the scope and duration of the experience. Reasons for why a student was not enrolled in independent study, if applicable, should be explained to the committee (e.g., project included summer term when the student was not enrolled).

    Faculty and their students are expected to have their projects completed by the end of spring quarter. The administration may require documentation of project completion before releasing the award (e.g., faculty should submit a copy of the Denman participation form to the administration). The application for an award should be submitted to the URMC by the deadline stated on the committee’s webpage.

    2012 deadline for Undergraduate Research and Mentorship Award applications is April 20, 2012. The link to the application form is at the bottom of this page.

    Award System for Faculty and Students:Faculty will be rewarded equally at an amount to be determined by the administration per qualifying research project. This award will be in the form of a line of credit that can be used for professional development (e.g., travel expenses, books, research or teaching materials or supplies), and will be awarded after the spring deadline each year.

    Funding may be provided for up to $500 per student to cover the cost of research-related expenses (e.g., poster, printing, travel). If there are more than two students working on one project, the sponsoring faculty member should contact the URMC as soon as is practicable to discuss the level of support required. These funds may be awarded after the research is completed or, if a student needs monetary assistance in order to complete a project, she or he may apply to the URMC at any point to receive that assistance. Funding can be used for travel to conferences, provided students a) present research at the conference, and b) also present this research at the Lima Campus Undergraduate Research Forum. Documentation of student expenses will be required, and no proposal for funds will be approved without the recommendation of a faculty member involved in the project.

    Review:The URMC will review each application and recommend to the administration whether or not the project should be rewarded. Faculty who wish to be considered for an Undergraduate Research and Mentorship Award will have mentored their students through all three required elements: a written document, a poster presentation, and a public oral presentation as outlined below. Exceptions will be considered as needed by the URMC. In addition, it should be remembered that Undergraduate Research and Mentorship Awards require efforts made significantly above and beyond expected classroom duties or regular teaching load. The final decision regarding awards will be made by the administration.

    The URMC faces a difficult task in evaluating project proposals from different areas and disciplines. Applicants are encouraged to include information in their application about any unique features of the project or particular obstacles within an area of study that would help inform the committee about the merits of the project.

    Over time, the URMC will develop guidelines and expected standards pertaining to proposed projects. As these guidelines are developed, they will be shared with faculty and added to the URMC webpage.

    Student Presentations/Student Voting:Mentored students will prepare the following three elements:
    1. An oral presentation on the Lima campus. This presentation should be publicly advertised on campus in at least two ways, such as email, posters, or The Communicator. This presentation can take place at any time during the academic year. The length, setting, and content is supervised by the faculty mentor. This presentation is required, but will not be judged. Faculty members are responsible for documenting the public advertisements.
    2. A short written summary of the research. Students are required to include references to outside sources when appropriate. This document should be between 1-3 pages long, and should be submitted to the chair of the URMC by April 25, 2012. The chair will then distribute this document to forum judges before the poster session. This document will be judged by the judges only and will count for 50 percent of the total. Applicants are encouraged to include information in their application about any unique features of the project or particular obstacles within an area of study that would help inform the committee about the merits of the project. From this 1-3 page document, the student should create a 200-word abstract to be included in the forum’s program.
    3. A poster. There will be a judged poster session in the library each year before the Denman forum in Columbus; it should take place early enough so that winning research projects can be announced at the annual Awards Ceremony on the Lima campus. Posters will also be displayed for approximately one week for campuswide viewing and student voting. Posters will be judged by both the judging panel and by students. Poster scores count for 50 percent of the final score. This year’s poster session will be on May 3, 2012, in the library.

    The judging panel should consist of members of departments participating in the forum. It should not, however, consist of any faculty mentors for that year.

    First, second, and third place will earn bookstore gift certificates in the amount of $300, $200, and $100, respectively. The voting ballots for the posters will contain information (e.g., criteria guidelines) to aid students in judging the projects.

    II. OSU Lima Faculty Award for Student Mentorship

    Faculty Award: The URMC will select a faculty member to receive the OSU Lima Faculty Award for Student Mentorship. This award will be given on an annual basis. Similar to other awards on our campus (e.g., Teaching and Scholarship awards), this award will include a $500 honorarium and $1,000 available for the winner’s research expenses. This award will be announced (and presented with a plaque) at the annual Spring Quarter Awards Ceremony.

    Nomination and Selection Process: Nominations for the OSU Lima Faculty Award for Student Mentorship will be reviewed by the URMC. The committee will consider both the quantity and quality of student-mentored projects. Nomination forms are available on the URMC webpage. Self-nominations are acceptable. Individuals who have previously won the award must sit out a period of five years before being considered again, unless there is no other qualified candidate.

    URMC Voting: If a committee member is being considered for the Faculty Award for Student Mentorship (or if they apply for a research mentorship award), they will recuse themselves from deliberation and voting on the respective award. A faculty member will be selected by the remaining members of the committee to replace the recused individual.

    Timeline of Award: Nominations should be turned into the chair of the URMC by the deadline noted on the webpage. The chair of the URMC will inform the Dean of the winner of the award at least three weeks prior to the convocation. The identity of the winner should remain confidential until the award is announced at the convocation.

    The deadline for applications for the 2012 OSU Lima Faculty Award for Student Mentorship is April 30, 2012.

    III. Undergraduate Research Mentorship Committee Members

    Six faculty members, elected through faculty assembly elections, shall serve on the URMC. Each person should represent a different college within the university. Members will serve a 2-year term. Members can be re-elected for multiple terms. The chair of the committee should not serve as chair for longer than 2 consecutive terms (i.e., 4 consecutive years).

    Undergraduate Research and Mentorship Awards Application / Proposal Adobe pdf -or- Microsoft Word doc