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Faculty, Staff and Administration:
Professional Faculty Travel
Professional travel is to be funded in two separate categories: travel between or among campuses on university business or activities, and travel to professional conferences.

Each tenure-line faculty member should be able to submit a paper or accept an invitation to a professional conference while knowing that compensation can normally be expected within an established amount.  Approval from the administration should be expected as long as the faculty member can in advance of the trip submit to the administration the properly filled out form and also furnish accompanying documentation showing official participation on the program.  Written approval must be received prior to taking the trip.  Faculty who do not follow this procedure will normally be denied funding.  Neither the administration nor a faculty member should be able to negotiate one-time adjustments to the amount of funding, move funds from one category to another, or divert funds from these categories to other professional activities.

1.   Travel between campuses is covered in full, in accordance with campus policies on the use of campus vehicles and mileage reimbursement.

2.   Annual funding is available to each tenure-line faculty member to support travel to professional conferences, either within the U.S. or outside the U.S., when they are presenting their research.

  • $1400 is available for a conference within the U.S.
  • $2000 is available for a conference outside the U.S. every other year.

In order to inform new faculty and remind continuing faculty of the required procedures, the above travel policy will be announced at the opening faculty meeting of each academic year.  The required form for requesting compensation for travel can be found here.


Revised August 2013