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Teaching Excellence Award
The Lima campus Teaching Excellence Award recognizes the outstanding performance of an Ohio State Lima faculty member, both in appreciation of past excellence and to encourage future innovation. All Ohio State Lima Faculty are eligible to receive this award, excepting those who have received it within the past five years or are currently serving on the Selection Committee.

Student nominators will enter a drawing for one of two $25 Bookstore gift cards, to be awarded after nominations close on March 7, 2015.

Nomination Form 2014-2015

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*You will enter a reason for your nomination for each nominee you have selected on the following page.
Teaching Excellence Award recipients include:

Dr. Scott Fisher, 2014
Dr. Young-ah Lee, 2013
Dr. Fabio Leite, 2012
Dr. Joe Green, 2011
Ms. Irina Boyadzhiev, 2010
Dr. Bill Ackerman, 2009
Mr. Roger Nimps, 2008
Dr. John Brady, 2007
Dr. Charles Moseley, 2006
Dr. Tim Rodriguez, 2005
Ms. Ruth Kinder, 2004
Dr. Joe Green, 2003
Dr. Kamesh Casukehela, 2002
Mr. Ed Valentine, 2001


Selection Committee, 2014-2015:

Daniel Blosser, President of the Buckeye Scholars
Dr.Scott Fisher
Doug Sutton-Ramspeck
Amanda Williams, Student Trustee