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As you are probably aware, Ohio State will be converting from Quarters to Semesters, beginning Summer 2012. As you can imagine, it has been quite a process as the University has to rework more than 10,000 courses; more than 170 degree programs and hundreds more specializations; and all of its technology infrastructure and processes. I'm glad I wasn't overly involved in this process!!

But after years of work, we are finally getting close and your students are no-doubt getting anxious to learn more about what it will mean for their progression towards graduation. In the next several weeks, your student will begin hearing about several resources to support their academic transition to semesters-all via email, facebook, fliers around campus and the Lima website. Please encourage your student to take an active role in this transition.

Here are some of the things that will soon be available to your student:

  • Advising Connect: This is a new web-based application that aims to create a record of a student's advising contacts. It's already a link from the Student Center Page. Academic advisors put notes from a student visit here so that after the meeting students can look back and see what was discussed during their meeting if they happen to forget and important detail.
  • Transitional Academic Plan (TAP): is a term-by-term plan of courses used to identify degree requirements during the transition from quarters to semesters. Academic advising will notify your students when a TAP must be completed. Students can view a TAP via their Student Center Page.
  • An updated Degree Audit Report System (DARS) will be in place in August to allow students to run their own degree audits for any major. They can already do this, but it is being updated with semester converted degrees and courses.
  • All new semester courses will be approved by July and a new on-line course offerings bulletin for all semester courses will be available in September.
  • A course conversion guide-converting quarter class hours to semester class hours-will be available in June.
  • And finally--- several Semester Conversion Informational Sessions will be offered to talk students through all of these resources.

And so it begins. Please know we are here to help your student through this process, but it will not be without hiccups. Again, encourage your student to be an active participant in the conversion!

And unrelated, but also important-if your student expressed interest in football tickets-information has been emailed regarding when ordering windows open. Please remind them to check that email account regularly!

Have a great day!