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Winter Week 9

Good afternoon,

The sun is shining and we are all looking ahead to spring quarter. And sure enough, as I walked across campus today, some students have already broken out the flip-flops!! Ah...to be 20 again.

A couple updates as we begin to close out the quarter:

  • All students should be registered now for spring quarter. Classes are beginning to fill, so if your student has not done so, encourage them to not wait much longer.
  • This time of the quarter gets extremely busy in academic advising, so if your student needs to see an advisor, please encourage them to schedule right away. 419-995-8264
  • The Campus Change Lunch-n-Learn has been rescheduled for March 11, from 12:30-1:30. Your student has received an email invitation; it is advertised around campus; and it's on the front page of the web site. Lima.OSU.edu If your student plans to move to Columbus this year, they should try and attend this program.
  • And finally (but very exciting), students can now easily find information regarding their required textbooks well in advance of the start of classes right from the on-line schedule http://lima.osu.edu/schedule This allows students to have more choice in where they choose to purchase their books and provides accurate information allowing them to shop around for the prices.
  • Have a great day!