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Welcome to Winter Quarter,

Good morning and Happy Winter Quarter! In true form, we woke up yesterday to a blanket of snow on the ground and frigid weather... no wonder winter is quiet on campus!

We did start off the week with some phone calls asking if school was delayed. Much to students' dismay, we were not. Delays and cancellations in college are MUCH rarer than in high school, so I'd thought I'd take a moment share the link to our cancellation policy. http://lima.osu.edu/cancellations

In addition to the information listed there, you may also want to sign up for Buckeye Alert at this website. http://buckeyealert.osu.edu This will allow you to receive text messages in the event of a delay or cancellation.

In other news, the University has updated the software we use to track FERPA release information. (This is the law limiting who we can share information with regarding a student's record) You may need to update your student's FERPA information if you want to continue to speak with Financial Aid, Advising the Bursar etc regarding your student. Here is the link with instructions. https://assist-erp.osu.edu/sis/WebHelp/studentcenter/sf/student_info_release.html

And finally, this is just a quick reminder that tuition and fees were due December 28. If you are not certain your student took care of business, please double check!

If you need to contact Financial Aid, stop by or call the office right away so that there is time to resolve any outstanding issues before your students' classes drop. (419) 995-8147

Here's to the start of another great quarter!

Warmest regards,

Beth Keehn