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Hog Creek Review
Allen County High Schools   
Allen County High School Submissions
Welcome to Hog Creek Review! Submit your original, creative works in 3 easy steps.  
Step 1: Fill in Your Personal Information (*required field)
*First Name:    *Last Name:
*High School Grade:    Freshman/Sophomore       Junior/Senior
*Allen County High School:

Step 2: Upload Your Works (*required field) -- CLICK HERE FOR STEP 2
** Any entries you submit must be your own. When you upload your works to this site, you are asserting that you created them. Also, you agree to have your sponsoring teacher(s) send an email to the following address (hogcreekreview@lima.ohio-state.edu) to state that, to the best of his or her knowledge, the work was created by you. **
Must be a Microsoft Word document(.doc or .docx).
Submit up to five poems, one at a time. A new box will appear after you load each poem.
1.     *Title:     *Sponsoring Teacher:
Must be a Microsoft Word document(.doc or .docx).
Submissions limited to one story per student.
1.     *Title:     *Sponsoring Teacher:
Creative Nonfiction:
Must be a Microsoft Word document(.doc or .docx).
Submissions limited to one creative nonfiction piece per student.
1.     *Title:     *Sponsoring Teacher:

   • Must be a .jpg.
   • Published pieces will be displayed no wider than 700px. How to resize with Paint on Windows(opens in new tab).
   • Total file size for all submitted files must not exceed 8mb. If total file size is over 8mb the submission will error.
Submit up to five works, one at a time. A new box will appear after you load each work.
1. *Title:     *Sponsoring Teacher:
   Type: Photography    Digital Media    Other Art and Medium:
    Select "Other Art" if you have photographed your art piece (for example: a painting, sketch, or work of sculpture).
Step 3: Contact Information (*required field) -- CLICK HERE FOR STEP 3
*Street Address:
*City:    *State:    *Zip:
*Bio: Please include your hobbies, future plans, and what inspired you to create your work.
Example Bio: I play on the varsity basketball team and enjoy photography. My hope is to attend The Ohio State University next year and to major in Art. I was inspired to write my poem because of a heavy snowstorm last winter.
Photo(optional) to be included if work accepted for publication:
Photo must be a .jpg. Photo will be sized to 150px wide by 200px tall.
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  • If you are not sure what the words are, either enter your best guess or click the reload button refresh beneath the distorted words.
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  • Submissions are accepted ONLY between February 1 and March 4.