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Court members are selected based on their leadership qualities, spirit, integrity, and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State. The Court selection process begins with a paper application. Based on application scores and GPA, individual interviews are offered and conducted by OSU faculty, staff, and alumni. The scores from the paper application and interview are combined with the student body vote, and the court is announced.

Court members then volunteer and serve as ambassadors during Welcome Week and Homecoming Week, prior to a student body vote and announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King.

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Jordan Henry

Hometown: Belle Center
Major: Family Financial Management
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: Being a Buckeye means to me being part of a life long tradition. I was born and raised a Buckeye fan. Education from Ohio State was only the beginning. I have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Hard work, dedication, and being involved with the traditions of Ohio State is what makes me a Buckeye.

Kaitlyn Philpot

Hometown: Germantown
Major: Biology
Rank: Sophomore
Student Bio: To be a Buckeye means you are one of thousands who share the same traditions, same fulfillment, and same pride in being a part of THE Ohio State University.

Kayla Schneider

Hometown: Wapakoneta
Major: Education
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Being a Buckeye means I have unlimited opportunities that will lead me to success. I have the opportunity to belong to a small campus community, yet participate in events in Columbus, work with some of the best faculty and staff, grow as an individual, achieve my dream of becoming a teacher, AND I can show my Buckeye Pride wherever I go!

Christian Downey

Hometown: Bluffton
Major: English
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: To be a Buckeye is to be part of the largest and best university in Ohio. Ohio State has and supports a large student body and stresses diversity which makes me proud to be a Buckeye. All while getting one of the best educations in the country. To me, being a Buckeye is being accepted.

Brad Ellis

Hometown: Kenton
Major: Social Work
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Being a Buckeye means more than understanding what it means to, "Dot the i," be part of "The Big Ten," respond when hearing someone yell "O-H," "Bleed Scarlet & Gray," or stake claim to any combination of peanut butter and chocolate as an homage to The Ohio State University. And though all of these may be true, fill me with nostalgia, and make me smile, nothing gives me a greater sense of pride or purpose than knowing I am a member of a "Buckeye Nation" of past, present, and future students that will continue to leave a positive impact and important global legacy for generations to come. It is the excellence in education, charity, opportunity, diversity, spirit, and fraternity that makes me proud to say, "I AM A BUCKEYE!"

Ben Garmon

Hometown: Ada
Major: Psychology
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: What it means to be a Buckeye: To me, being a Buckeye is developing into the adult I will someday be and doing that with the privilege and prestige that comes with being a student at The Ohio State University.

Please contact Meredith Kincaid with questions or for more information about Homecoming Court.

Please contact Shane McCrory with questions or for more information about Homecoming Court.