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Court members are selected based on their leadership qualities, spirit, integrity, and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State. The Court selection process begins with a paper application. Based on application scores and GPA, individual interviews are offered and conducted by OSU faculty, staff, and alumni. The scores from the paper application and interview are combined with the student body vote, and the court is announced.

Court members then volunteer and serve as ambassadors during Welcome Week and Homecoming Week, prior to a student body vote and announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King.

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Bobbi Hupp-Wilds

Hometown: Marion
Major: Psychology/Criminology
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: I am a senior dual Psychology and Criminology major. In my time here at OSU at Marion I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a student leader in: Psychology Club, Sociology/ Criminology Club, BMSA (Buckeye Military Support Alliance), Undergraduate Student Government Secretary, CAB (Campus activities board, Non-Traditional Student Org, Swahili Club as well as contribute to the Marion Non-Traditional Student Blog. In this time I have also been able to be a part of events such as Springfest, Fallfest, Campus Coffee House, Campus Mental health days, Campus finals cram nights and hopefully bringing back traditions like "Battle of the ZA" and starting a few more community involved traditions on our campus. In my spare time I like to volunteer in our community by: visiting the Veteran hospital to read to senior veterans and adopt a veteran, Organizing groups to pack boxes for our local troops, working Turning point and the "Giving Tree Project" and bringing holiday characters to the children, getting free photos and time with family, volunteering my time to speak at churches and other groups to help with budgeting, freezer cooking and way to save money on a very tight budget. I feel since my time at The Ohio State University at Marion has begun, I have made it my personal mission to act as an ambassador for this wonderful campus. I feel that there is no greater honor than being chosen to represent your school, specifically as a non-traditional student. As a member on the court, I can show our non-traditional student body how much they are valued, how many opportunities there are here at The Ohio State University at Marion, and just how truly diversified our campus is. It is an opportunity to reach out to the community and say that at OSU Marion, we look past the superficial attributes and build as well as enhance the content of their character. I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it has been to be a part of this campus. I have gotten to know many of the staff members, faculty and students, and each and every one has made my experience more enriched. I have become a better person, wife, and mother thanks to my time at OSU Marion, and I would like to have the honor of giving back to the school and the people who have given me so much. My time at Ohio State Marion has allowed me to grow in numerous ways. In the classroom the knowledge I have gained and the critical thinking skills I have developed will allow me to succeed in my professional endeavors. In addition, my extensive extracurricular activities have assisted me in honing my leadership and networking skills which will undoubtedly benefit me as I move from the academic world to the professional world. I have had the opportunity to enhance my interpersonal skills by working on committees, with student organizations, and on charitable projects. I feel that my personal moral growth has been enhanced through the various works with the veterans and my work with Professor Nyongesa and the Swahili Club on the Kimili Village Orphanage fundraising project. I hope to use all of these gifts I have been given to obtain an internship with Americorp and volunteer for two years while gaining my graduate degrees to one day research and work with Juveniles on criminal paths to re-route them into more productive paths and maybe prevent a negative cycle to continue with our youth.

Elizabeth Moore

Hometown: Marion
Major: Social Work
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: Hey, Buckeyes! I am a senior Social Work major, honored with the privilege to be a member of the first cohort to complete my degree on the Marion campus. As a student on the Marion campus, I have enjoyed being a part of two of the student musicals, University Chorus, and going over seas with the French Club. Off-campus I am heavily involved in Royal Family Kids, an organization that revolves around foster kids and helping them to make moments matter. Currently serving as the assistant director, in the past I have been a counselor and the fundraising chairperson and have helped raised thousands of dollars to help kids attend a one week summer camp where we show them the love of Jesus every second of the day. Upon graduation, I intend to become a part of a ministry that empowers substance abusers to find an outlet and to discover themselves as recoverers. I will use the education I obtained here to help others help themselves. I am humbled to be chosen as a representative for The Ohio State University and to serve you as a member of the Homecoming Court. As your Queen, I will be pleased to support you as the student body, encourage you to become involved on campus, and represent you to Buckeye Nation! O-H!

Jessica Swope

Hometown: Marion
Major: Early Childhood Education
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: Hello, my name is Jessica Swope. I am a junior here at The Ohio State University Marion. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and love what I am currently getting myself into in college and in life. I am a native of Marion and graduated from Pleasant High School in 2011. Because I am a native and chose to go to The Ohio State University Marion, I feel make a good representative to the University and the community. OSUM has been a great place for me to continue my college education and I enjoy letting others know that it was a great decision! I am a positive representative to fellow students because of my passion and involvement in OSUM. I enjoy taking on a leadership position at the University with my current Vice President position in Undergraduate Student Government. Getting to be involved as a Student Representative to the Tobacco Free Committee change that will be coming to this campus this fall has helped me be more aware of the issues on campus and what I can do to spread the word. I am a part of the emerging Active Minds organization as well. We hope to reduce the stigma and encourage mental health awareness on campus. Being a community leader through the Marion Popcorn Pageants, my mentoring and teaching with my dance students, and mentoring through the Pride and Life Skills program through the Boys and Girls Club have been enjoyable and positive experiences that encourage me to stay within my community and at OSUM. It is because of this that I also feel I make a positive representative to my community. I know my community. It is my home and I am at home at The Ohio State University Marion. I feel I am a good representative for the 2013 Homecoming Queen because I am very involved and invested in this campus. I love being a Buckeye and cannot wait to see what opportunities are available to me to make this campus and our community a better place to live and thrive. After graduation, I am hoping to become an early education teacher while continuing my teaching dance at JoAnne’s School of Dance in Marion. I want to put my hard work and effort at The Ohio State University to work by being a positive role model to those in my community. Eventually I hope to go back to The Ohio State University and get my Masters in Special Education so I can continue helping students but especially those that may need that extra push. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your vote for the 2013 Marion Homecoming Queen!! Go Bucks!! - Jessica Swope

Christopher Braumiller

Hometown: Waldo
Major: Industrial Engineering
Rank: Junior
Student Bio: First off, I would like to thank the committee board for choosing me as a representative in the 2013 Ohio State Marion Homecoming. I am currently a junior rank in the Engineering program with a focus in Industrial Engineering. Industrial Engineering is all about how to improve overall efficiency and productivity of different sectors of a company. I am currently a Math and Physics tutor in the academic enrichment center. Also, I am the president of the Engineering Club at Marion. Our goal as a club is to present the opportunity to all aspiring engineering students a chance to better themselves, make them more knowledge of real world experiences, as well as preparing them for future internships or even careers. I achieved the honor of making the Dean’s List in the spring semester of 2013. I believe that I would be an excellent representative for 2013 Marion Campus Homecoming King because I exemplify a great mixture of academics, involvement, and student interaction. Also, I believe that I would be a good candidate because it would show that our engineering program at the Marion Campus is really starting to expand and gain support. I have gained so much from my education here at Ohio State, but what really sticks out in my mind are the interactions students have with their professors. Here at the Marion campus, the ratio of students to professors is 22:1 in the classroom. This allows the students to have a better opportunity to learn as well as work on their communication skills. The communication skills are what I have gained the most out of coming to this regional campus. It has allowed me to communicate in all forms that range from casual to casual-business to professional. All of which will be very helpful upon graduation when attaining a job. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration and hope to get your vote! Go Bucks!!

Nicholas Vaughn

Hometown: Caledonia
Major: Psychology
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: I am a senior this year and majoring in Psychology. In my time at Ohio State, I have not only learned much about myself, but also how to prepare for future success. As a representative of Ohio State on the homecoming court, I wish to be able to take this honor one step further and earn your vote for King. As your 2013 Homecoming King I will do my best to represent our school and student body as positively and respectfully as possible. The amount I have gained from my time and education at this great school is so much that I only hope I can give a small portion back by serving as an example for others of what it means to be a Buckeye. If given the opportunity to be your Homecoming King, I will be that example. I believe I can represent Ohio State in my academic performance, leadership abilities, and most importantly, character. I would like to view myself as someone many can relate to, who is a friend to all. Being selected to the Homecoming court has already allowed me to meet new faces and make new friends, but as your King I can reach even more people. Having been twice nominated for the academic excellence awards, and being recognized for other accomplishments also, the hard work and effort I have placed in my education has been nothing short of rewarding. Outside of school, my faith is of tremendous importance to me, and is the driving force for every choice I make for myself. The time which I have devoted to my church and to God has taught me many valuable lessons about who I am and the person I want to be in the future. Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned while at Ohio State is to always be you and to try new things. Growing up, I missed out on many great opportunities because of my reluctance to try new things. Fortunately, I have learned since to embrace every opportunity and to make the most out of them. This is why I believe I can be an excellent representative as your King if given the chance.

Brian Wilds

Hometown: Marion
Major: English
Rank: Senior
Student Bio: My name is Brian Wilds, I was born and raised most of my life in Marion, Ohio. I am a senior English major who spent thirteen years in retail management prior to returning to school after a sixteen year lapse in my education; I have found the experience amazing. My thirst for knowledge has never been higher, and the people and opportunities I have encountered have been life changing. My time here has been filled with classes and exams, but I have found much more on the Marion campus. I have watched and been involved as this campus has truly evolved into a student minded environment. The Coffee House Series, which I have headed has allowed students to express their artistic abilities and entertain the student population. I have been an active member of Kapow, which is a campus club which shares and displays poems and prose for fellow members. Kapow also has put out monthly zines displaying students work, and I have helped to develop this with professor McCorkle and now former students. There is also the online journal, the Cornfield Review, which is a gathering of students and public work developed by peers; I proudly say that I’m not only an author, but have helped to produce the Cornfield Review along with my peer groups on two separate occasions. I have seen the commitment of fellow students, staff, and the upper administration pushing for the growth of student based activities, and personally been the head of two all student ran festivals here on campus - Springfest, and Fallfest. These festivals were developed to bring students and the public together for celebration; and I’m proud to have been a key component. I am hoping that as your Marion Campus Homecoming King, I can continue to represent you, continue to build our student life, as well as build upon our relationships in the community, and with the other Ohio State campuses.

Please contact Karin Lanius with questions or for more information about Homecoming Court.

Please contact Wayne Rowe with questions or for more information about Homecoming Court.